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Visit These Disney Film Settings In Real Life With Fred.\ Holidays
4th May 2017

Disney has a knack for continually producing inspiring films for the whole family. They may be aimed at children mostly, but those children tend to grow up and still harbour the same feelings that they had towards the stories they grew up with. Especially as Disney are currently in the middle of a nostalgia-fuelled campaign to transform many of the original tales into stunning live action movies.

You might think that because the settings for some of our favourite stories are fictional that it would be impossible to visit them. However, Disney has been known to draw inspiration from real life and so there are definitely destinations which can satisfy your dreams of visiting the homes of those much-loved characters. So, whether you want to amble through Arendelle, saunter around Sleeping Beauty’s castle or bound through Belle’s hometown, here’s how you can do it with Fred.\ Holidays.

Visit Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Walt Disney made no secret of the fact that the castle from Sleeping Beauty, and indeed the focus point for the Magic Kingdom parks, is inspired by Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Disney and his wife took a holiday to Europe before the first theme park was built, during which they visited the real-life castle built by King Ludwig II. And when you see the castle for yourself, it’s not surprising that it would conjure up images of a fairy tale setting. Neuschwanstein is one of Germany’s most visited attractions and you can find out how to see it for yourself in our ‘How to Visit Neuschwanstein Castle’ blog post.

Arendelle Shore Excursion

Disney Cruise Lines Frozen


Anybody who has ever been to Norway will be able to tell you that there are many places in the country that could have inspired the magical scenes in Disney’s smash hit Frozen. The breathtaking natural landscapes lend themselves perfectly to the silver screen and tourism in the Scandinavian country has received a healthy boost thanks to Ana, Elsa and friends.

However, if you choose a Norwegian fjords cruise on board Disney Magic this summer, you might get the chance to visit a replica of a traditional Norwegian village and meet the stars of Frozen. Sunnmøre Village has been intricately created to include authentic Nordic homes and surroundings. After exploring the village, Ana, Elsa and Kristoff will arrive from their neighbouring home of Arendelle for an unforgettable meet and greet. Other places which inspired parts of the film can also be seen on a Norwegian fjords cruise. These include Akershus Fortress in Norway and Bryggen Wharf in Bergen.

Stop Off In Belle’s Home Town

Riquewihr France

In both the original and live action remake, Beauty and the Beast’s Belle is from a quintessential French town. A few places have claimed to have provided inspiration for this, but one which is generally considered to have done so is Riquewihr in Alsace, France. The cobbled streets, multi-coloured buildings and tall clock tower are very reminiscent of the ‘Little Town’ in both films and you could follow in Belle’s footsteps.

Adventures by Disney have teamed up with AmaWaterways to offer a range of Rhine river cruises that will stop in Riquewihr. Not only will you be able to get off the ship and explore the medieval town, there will also be themed evenings on board that include gourmet dinners and film screenings. The river cruises take place in 2018 and you can find out more info here.

So, there you have it. Three different locations that inspired three different Disney films and that can be visited on three different types of holiday. If you would like to book any of these trips, call us on 0800 988 3369 and our specialists will be able to give you more information.

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