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5 German Cycle Routes That Show You Town And Country
24th November 2016

Cycling in Germany, and indeed most of Europe, is a far cry from what it is like in the UK. Instead of being chastised by impatient drivers and forced to use paths that aren’t fit for two-wheeled travel, there are miles and miles of dedicated cycleways and motorists are generally more accommodating.

Often following the route of major rivers or through historic towns, these paths can show you the beautiful nature the country has to offer as well as its most popular city sights. Here are some great examples if you’re looking to get in the saddle and explore Germany.

Berlin Wall Trail

Charlottenburg Palace

The Berlin Wall once split this historic city in two and so following the route of where it once stood is a great way to see the city. The 100-mile circular trail takes riders to sections of the wall that still remain, as well as the most popular museums and monuments that Berlin is known for. As you follow the route outside of the city limits, grey buildings and cobbled streets become green fields and peaceful streams.

Elbe Cycle Route

Cycling In Dresden

There are cycle routes in Germany that follow the Rhine and Main Rivers but this one travels alongside the Elbe. The full extent of the trail can take you from the North Sea coast at Cuxhaven to the border with the Czech Republic, but it may be more manageable to choose a smaller section of the 520 miles. The flat cycleway is one of the most popular in Germany and will take you through major cities and scenic countryside. As you follow the twists and turns of the water, crossing it at times, you will see the dramatic Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the sights of Hamburg, Dresden and Magdeburg.

Stuttgart Region E-Bike Tour


As the name would suggest, this route is great for anyone wanting to hire an electric bike, with rental stations and charging points dotted all the way around. However, if you would rather opt for pedal power, there’s no reason not to. Another circular route, this time around the outskirts of Stuttgart, you’ll experience an excellent mix of culture and nature throughout the 250 miles. Charming towns such as Marbach and Herrenberg have links to classical poetry and feature typical half-timbered houses, whilst the Swabian-Franconian Forest Nature Park is home to sweeping vineyards and remnants of the Roman Empire.

Saale Cycle Route

Bad Kissingen

Another river route, this time following the Saarle, the trail takes you on a 265-mile ride between Barby (just outside of Magdeburg) and Zell (in the Bavarian district of Hof). Whilst the water obviously provides peaceful surroundings to cycle through, history and culture are offered by the many castles and grand houses that can be found along the way. The fact that these are often perched on hilltops will mean the trail is hillier than others, but it’s definitely worth it for the excellent views and the chance to see these impressive structures.

International Cycle Route

Fürth Bavaria

If you want to venture further afield than Germany on your bike, this final route is the perfect option. The International Cycle Path connects Munich with Regensburg, before travelling over the border and through Pilsen to Prague. Making use of other existing routes, you will journey through varied scenery that ranges from valleys and mountains to woodlands and historic towns. Be sure to stop in Freising to taste the fresh white asparagus, in Regensburg for the beautiful baroque architecture, and in Fürth for stories of dragons.

If you would like to explore these fantastic cycle routes, or even just small sections of them, contact us today. We can tailor-make an itinerary which includes stops in the places you want to see, we have a selection of ready-made cycling holidays if you would prefer.

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