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The European River Cruise Bucket List
22nd December 2015

A European river cruise can take you on many different adventures, highlighting some fantastic sights along the way, but which of these should definitely not be missed? Here, we have compiled a list of the must-see destinations along Europe’s magnificent waterways.

The Rhine Gorge

Lorelei Rock

The scenery on a Rhine river cruise is spectacular from start to finish, but the stretch between Koblenz and Bingen, known as the Rhine Gorge, is particularly stunning. This part of the river was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 2002 and is dotted with numerous castles that stand proudly at the top of the high banks. These include Burg Rheinstein, Burg Sooneck and Marksburg. You will also sail right past the impressive Lorelei Rock, which is a big part of the folklore in this part of Germany.


Bordeaux Wine Cork

A Dordogne or Garonne river cruise offers plenty of opportunity to sample the wine in one of the world’s most famous growing regions. As well as visits to Margaux and Saint-Emilion, you should not miss the opportunity to taste the resounding reds that are produced in Bordeaux. There’s also some fantastic history waiting to be discovered in this charming French city.

The Saar Loop

Saar Loop

The Saar is one of Europe’s lesser-known waterways and is often frequented during Mosel river cruises. Picturesque German cities like Saarbrücken and Saarburg will provide interesting stops but the headline act will come in the form of the scenic Saar Loop. Just outside of Mettlach, the river bends back on itself at nearly a 180-degree angle, creating one of the most photogenic stretches of water in Europe.

The Dutch Tulip Fields

Tulips and Windmill

Cruising along the Dutch and Belgian Waterways is a great idea at any time of year, but if you travel in the spring your surroundings will be awash with all the colours of the rainbow. During the months of April and May, the fields adjacent to the water will be flourishing with reds, yellows, purples, oranges and blues, as tulip seasons reaches full bloom. This is truly a beautiful sight to behold and the experience is definitely worth timing your cruise perfectly.


Vienna Skyline

Many historic cities line the banks of the Danube, but Vienna has to be the best of the bunch. Whether you choose to visit in winter or summer, the city will welcome you with open arms and with culture at every turn. You can choose to spend a night at the opera, visit a museum or two or simply relax and join the Viennese coffee house scene.

Deutsches Eck

Deutsches Eck

Translated as the ‘German Corner’, Deutsches Eck is where the Rhine and Mosel rivers meet. There is a headland in Koblenz where you can stand and look out at one river on your left and other on your right. As well as being a great spot for photos, Deutsches Eck features a statue of William the Great riding a horse, which is dedicated to the celebration of German unity. There are also three pieces of the original Berlin wall placed here.

If you would like to cross any of these highlights off your river cruise bucket list in 2016, contact us today and we will help you find your perfect European river cruise.

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