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12th November 2019
How You Can Help Preserve The Polar Regions?
Global warming is drastically affecting the Arctic habitat and wildlife. Here are a few simple things you can do to help protect the Polar Regions.

Global warming, by definition, is a worldwide problem, but nowhere has seen quite as much of an impact in recent years than the Arctic. Whilst snow and ice are also melting in the Antarctic region, the fact that the North Pole is pure ice (with no land mass underneath) makes it especially susceptible to climate change.

The animals that call this part of the world home rely on the ice in order to carry out their hunting, migration and hibernating rituals. As the ice continues to retreat, polar bears, Arctic foxes and other land mammals are having to travel further and further to find food and this is endangering their existence.

At Fred. we ensure that we only work with operators that are both responsible and sustainable about the work that they do. But what about you? What can you do to help preserve the Polar Regions so that generations to come can also enjoy their beauty? Here are a few excellent ideas which involve simple changes to your daily life.

Reduce Energy At Home

The best thing about making a few simple changes in order to reduce your energy consumption at home is that this will not only help act against global warming but also save you a few pounds in the process. Little things like using energy efficient light bulbs and not leaving appliances in standby mode may seem like a drop in the ocean but they can have a big effect on your energy usage.

You could also think about considering how environmentally friendly a product is when purchasing something. This could be anything from how much packaging there is around your food produce to whether that new fridge-freezer has a good energy rating. Another tip is to insulate your boiler and pipes so that as much heat as possible is contained in the winter. All these tips and tricks require minimal effort but could make a big difference.


Recycling Symbol

Recycling has been around for thousands of years but has only recently been accepted as a part of our everyday lives at home and work. Whilst it was previously seen as something that involved a lot of effort; the proliferation of recycling points, renewable materials being used more and more and the fact that certain types of recycling can now be collected from your doorstep have all encouraged more people to get on board with the idea.

Simply by recycling materials such as paper, glass and plastic, we can reduce the amount of energy and fossil fuels that have to be used in the production of new products; in turn decreasing the volume of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

Drive Smart

Cars are easily one of the biggest causes of global warming and with more than one billion of them on the world’s roads, it is no surprise. Some journeys will require the use of your own car but even the longest and most frequent trips have alternatives. For example, instead of driving the twenty miles to work every day you could see if your local council has a car share scheme. Sharing lifts with someone who is also travelling in your direction means less traffic to stress you out during rush hour and more of your monthly salary stays in your pocket.

A similar approach can be taken with long, one-off journeys. Companies such as Bla Bla Car and liftshare.com offer users the chance to search for anyone who is travelling the same direction as them on any given date and ask to share a lift.

Another way to drive smart is to consider buying a hybrid or electric car. Obviously, it is unnatural to expect people to trade in their perfectly good vehicle for a more costly alternative, but when the time comes to replace your car it is worth considering. Cheaper options, more charging points across the country and great added incentives such as government grants have all made owning an electric vehicle much more viable.

Travel And Expand Your Knowledge

Sea Explorer

Some people may think that travelling to the Polar Regions to help preserve them is counterintuitive. However, if it is done in an environmentally friendly manner (just like Fred. advocates) then it is a great way to get more people involved in the effort.

By visiting remarkable destinations such as Spitsbergen and the Canadian Arctic you can see for yourself just how important these environments are. Your trip is sure to be as much of an educational experience as it is an entertaining one and so when you return you will be in a great position to spread the word to other people. After all, the more we learn about these places, the better we can become at protecting them.

If you would like to learn more about the Polar Regions by visiting them, Fred. can help you find the perfect deal. Call us today to speak with a member of our team and start the adventure of a lifetime.

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