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29th October 2015
5 Spine-Chilling European Attractions
These spooky attractions offer an experience like no other and one that may leave you looking over your shoulder.

Halloween is just around the corner and so we decided to celebrate by sharing with you some of the eeriest places you can visit in Europe. Whether you are planning to make a terrifying trip yourself or you are just curious about the creepy goings on, these attractions across the continent will have you scared out of your skin.

Capuchin Crypt, Czech Republic

Mummified Monk

Whilst the upper floor of the Holy Cross Church in Brno, Czech Republic is decorated with beautiful Baroque sculptures, the cellar hides a rather more sinister sight. The crypt under the church is home to 24 mummified monks and churchgoers who were laid to rest here once their funeral rituals had taken place. Some clutch rosaries, whilst others hang on to small crucifixes, but each has a look of sorrow etched on their face.

It is estimated that some 200 people were buried here, during a 300 year period, until the practice was phased out due to health concerns. It is the ventilation in the crypt and the type of top soil found there which has resulted in the accidental mummification of these bodies. For a small fee, you can enter this creepy cellar and see for yourself.

Bran Castle, Romania

Bran Castle

You may think that there isn't much to be concerned about when visiting Bran Castle. After all, the story of Dracula is simply a fictional one, right? However, it is alleged that this is where Bram Stoker got his inspiration for the character and with good reason, too. The castle has links to Vlad III, the real life ruler of Wallachia. Known as Vlad the Impaler after his death, there are stories of him mounting the heads of his enemies on sticks and displaying them around his territory. The name Dracula comes from the fact that Vlad III was a member of the House of Drăculești.

Whether there is any truth to the allegations that this fortress played a role in the creation of one of the most iconic horror villains in history or not, there is no doubting that it has an eerie feeling to it. The impending structure stands on the hilltop and a tour offers visitors the chance to see art and furniture collected by Queen Marie of Romania.

Borgvattnet, Sweden


This small village in the middle of Sweden has found fame thanks to its Haunted Vicarage. Since, 1927, the vicars and their families living here have all sighted some ghostly goings on. The reports range from laundry being ripped off the line by an unseen force to grey women appearing in the bedrooms and a rocking chair that won't stop rocking.

Over the years, attempts have been made to rid the vicarage of its phantom menace. Television show Ghost Hunters International made a visit in 2009 in order to try and get to the bottom of things and renowned 'ghost priest' Tore Forslund also performed a number of exorcisms in 1981, but everything was to no avail. The main building is now a restaurant and there is also a guest house which rewards people with a certificate for being brave enough to stay the night.

Church Of The Nine Ghosts, Czech Republic


It seems that the Czech Republic is a European hotspot for haunted hangouts and so here's another church which draws in the crowds by offering an alternative attraction. However, this tale has a much more uplifting feel to it. After falling into disrepair and being abandoned by the locals, St. George's church in Lukova was facing demolition. That is until artist Jakub Hadrava stepped in with a frightfully good idea.

He created a host of ghostly figures out of plaster and white sheets before filling them with eerie lighting and placing them in the pews (they look infinitely better than the above picture). Tourists now come from far and wide to see the spooktacular installation and the donations they have left have enabled repair work to start on the church roof. It's a heart-warming story really and perhaps the strangest thing about it is, that unlike the name would suggest, there are many more than nine ghosts. Maybe not all of them are mere pieces of art.

House Of Terror Museum, Hungary

House Of Terror Museum

Whilst some of the places on this list may be quite humorous and playful, this Hungarian museum is terrifying in a very real sense of the word. After two bloody periods in the country's history (the communist and fascist regimes), it was decided that a building needed to be built to recognise and honour the victims.

The site where the museum is now housed, in Budapest, is a renovated former Nazi headquarters and features many artefacts and exhibitions which tell a harrowing story. The basement still has cells in which prisoners were kept and tortured.

If you would like to visit any of these places for yourself, we can tailor-make your perfect trip. Simply call our team today or submit an online enquiry.

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