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9th May 2019
4 Reasons To Explore Europe’s Thermal Towns
If you’re the type of person that likes nothing more than doing…well…nothing during your holiday, a trip to one of Europe’s thermal towns may be a great choice.

If you’re the type of person that likes nothing more than doing…well…nothing during your holiday, a trip to one of Europe’s thermal towns may be a great choice. A glorious beach break or a stay at an all-inclusive hotel in an exotic country could well be where your first thoughts go, but there are plenty of reasons why destinations such as Baden-Baden, Budapest and Karlovy Vary can offer an equally rejuvenating holiday.


Spa Relaxation

One of the main types of attraction that you’ll find in a thermal town (or city) is a spa. Most of the regions featured on our site offer an abundance of resorts where you can choose from a wide range of treatments to help you return home feeling brand new. From simply bathing in the various different pools to full body massages and therapies aimed at improving your mental wellbeing, you can create your own custom session that includes whatever it takes to make you feel relaxed.

For some, though, relaxation doesn’t look like a massage table or a poolside lounger. If this is the case for you, it can be equally tranquil to walk the cobbled streets of these charming locations, stopping at local markets and eye-catching sights whilst exploring at your own pace.

Medical Benefits

Drinking Water From the Source

As well as soothing your mind and spirit, most thermal towns claim that the curative waters flowing under the streets have specific medical benefits. This can range from bathing in them to alleviate things like rheumatism and varicose veins to drinking it to help with throat and stomach conditions. Some destinations even have different water sources that are said to aid distinct ailments.

Many of you may be thinking that boasting about the town’s miracle springs is just a marketing ploy to get more tourists into the area. However, many of these claims are backed up by years of research and are even prescribed by qualified doctors. The treatments in Bagnoles de l’Orne, France, for example, are subsidised by the Ministry of Health.


Heraion Loutraki

Working with the European Historic Thermal Towns Association, we can ensure that the destinations listed on the website are not one dimensional. As well as being an ideal spot to rest and restore your energy levels, they also have an amazing amount of rich history behind them. Ancient civilisations such as the Romans and Ottomans discovered the waters hundreds of years ago and decided to build communities around them.

That is why destinations such as Pamukkale, Daruvar and Bursa have such great historical attractions. Indeed, some of the towns were once at the centre of entire empires, holding much more importance than they do today. This means they are teeming with interesting ruins, buildings that have stood the test of time, Roman bathing complexes and fascinating museums that hold treasures of the past.


Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park

With the area being awash with natural water, it’s no surprise that these towns and cities are often surrounded by beautiful parks and diverse wildlife habitats. If you like to relax by being amongst nature, there will be plenty of opportunities to walk, cycle and even take part in some more extreme outdoor activities.

Often, you don’t have to stray too far from the centre to enjoy these green areas, either. The perfect example of this is Châtel – Guyon, which stands on the edge of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park. Adventure awaits in this vast area where nature will surround you.

If you would like to know more about the thermal towns we can take you to, call the team on 0800 988 3369. We can tailor-make a relaxing holiday for you that includes everything you need.

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