The Best Of The Wursts
It may be slightly clichéd, but there’s no getting away from the fact that Germans love their wursts. But, with a great deal of choice on offer, how are you supposed to know the subtle differences? Well, here’s our guide to the best of the…
How To Have An Eco-Friendly City Break
It’s no secret that travel is a big contributor to global warming. And whilst holidays, ironically, aren’t going anywhere, there are still ways we can reduce our impact on the environment when we go away.
The Dos and Don’ts Of Visiting The Széchenyi Thermal Baths
It’s not always easy to visit an attraction in a foreign city, so we’ve listed a few dos and don’ts that will help you get the most from your time in the Széchenyi Thermal baths during a Budapest city break.
3 Alternatives To…A Paris City Break
Sometimes the obvious choice is too expensive, too crowded or just, well, too obvious. So, here’s why Bordeaux, Riga and Ljubljana are all great alternatives to a Paris city break and all its charms.
How To Christmas Market Like A Pro
If you’re thinking about spending some time at one (or some) of Europe’s magical Christmas markets this December, now is the time to start planning. Here are some great tips to enjoy your chosen European Christmas market like a pro.
5 Dishes To Try When Visiting…Portugal
A great reason to visit Portugal has to be the delicious food on offer in local restaurants. There’s always an abundance of seafood and most dishes offer a subtle twist on traditional Mediterranean fare.
These European Statues Bring Good Fortune To All Who Touch Them
All over Europe, there are statues with parts of their bodies that have been polished clean by tourists in a bid to glean some fortune in their favour. Here are some great examples that you should look out for on your travels.
5 Towns On The German Fairytale Route (And The Fairy Tales You’ll Discover)
Thanks to the Brothers Grimm, most of the fairytales that we know and love (and some that we Brits are unfamiliar with) have their roots in Germany. The German Fairytale Route allows you to discover the inspiration for some of them.
Why Swiss Public Transport May Be The Best In The World
You’ll be pleased to know that any visit to Switzerland will run…well…like clockwork…thanks to the country’s world-class transport system.
Why You Should Return To Iceland Again And Again
In some destinations, it’s impossible to see and do everything on offer in just one trip. Though relatively small, Iceland is one such place; here are just a few reasons why it will keep you coming back for more.
The Dos And Don’ts When Walking The Dubrovnik City Walls
One of the most popular things to do when exploring Dubrovnik Old Town is to walk on top of the historic walls that once fortified Dubrovnik. However, there are a few things to consider if you plan to do so.
5 Italian Islands You Have Never Heard Of
If your idea of a relaxing holiday is going off-grid to recharge those batteries, here are five Italian islands – which you’ve never heard of – to consider.
5 Dishes To Try When Visiting…The Czech Republic
The Czech Republic may be better known for its reasonably priced and more than reasonable tasting beer, but the nation also has some delicious dishes that are worth trying during your holiday.
The Sunniest Cities In Europe For Your Summer Break
Give yourself the chance to feel the warm glow on your skin this summer. We’ve collated some of the sunniest cities in Europe to ensure your 2019 holiday is served sunny side up.
4 Reasons To Explore Europe’s Thermal Towns
If you’re the type of person that likes nothing more than doing…well…nothing during your holiday, a trip to one of Europe’s thermal towns may be a great choice.
4 Madeira Attractions That Help It Live Up To Its Nickname
Madeira is known as the Garden Island, a moniker that highlights the natural beauty which bursts from every direction. Here are some great floral attractions to check out whilst in Funchal or the surrounding area.
5 Destinations In Which To Celebrate 100 Years Of The Bauhaus
It may have only been around for 14 years, but the ideas and structures brought about by the Bauhaus have ensured it remains one of the world’s biggest design influences 100 years on. Here are five German destinations where highlights are t…
10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Oberammergau Passion Play
If you didn’t know already, 2020 marks the 42nd Passion Play in the German town of Oberammergau. A lot of work goes into staging this iconic spectacle, so here are ten things you didn’t know.
The Top 5 Must-See European Carnivals
There are plenty of carnivals conducted each year, all over the globe, celebrating a wide selection of causes. Most are held during the period before Lent, in the months of February and March, and are full of music, dancing and colourful co…
5 Pilgrimage Sites In Europe
Whilst many pilgrimages are done with religious intentions, those interested in hiking, nature or simply the history relating to a specific town or city may also enjoy visiting some of the destinations on our list.
Tromso – Home Of The Huskies
Last week, we travelled inside the Arctic Circle to the Norwegian city of Tromso. Along with seeing the Northern Lights, there was one other highlight that we can wholeheartedly recommend.
5 Ancient Cities To Unearth In Antalya
Towards the south of Turkey is the beautiful city of Antalya, located on the Mediterranean coastline. It provides tourists with white sandy beaches, the Taurus Mountains and many ancient cities whose ruins you can still see today.
Everything You Need To Know About Austria’s Eagle Walk
When talking about hiking opportunities in Austria, The Eagle Walk has to be at the top of the list. So here are some things you should know before you set off.
5 Dishes To Try When Visiting…Denmark
Few of us can afford to eat in the fine-dining restaurants that Denmark is famous for on a regular basis, so here are some delicious dishes you’ll find all over Denmark.
Quirky Museums In Bruges That You Wouldn’t Want To Miss
Bruges is best known for its beautiful canals and rich heritage, shown through landmarks like the Belfry and Markt, but also holds many unique museums. Here are five that may spark your interest.
Bremerhaven – Home To One Of Germany’s Quirkiest Attractions
Whilst very different from the other things to see and do in the region, Bremerhaven's Climate House is definitely worth a visit if you find yourself exploring this part of Germany.
Discovering Roman Monuments In Germany’s Oldest City
Dating back to the first century BC, when it was settled by the Romans, Trier is often considered to be the oldest city in Germany. Here are some of the Roman ruins that shouldn’t be missed on a trip to this historical treasure trove.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Europa-Park
Less than 6% of Europa-Park’s visitors come from the UK, even though it’s only a short flight away. Much of that is simply down to the British market being unfamiliar with this fantastic attraction, so here are 10 things you should know in …
The Benefits Of Tailor-Made Travel
Wouldn’t it be great if you could build your holiday the way you wanted it? Well, with tailor-made travel from Fred.\ Holidays, you can do just that. Here are just a few of the fantastic benefits to booking this way.
8 Things You’ll See During Carnival Season In Germany
With Christmas in the rearview mirror, thoughts in Germany now turn to what is known as the country’s ‘fifth season’ - Carnival.
France’s Most Impressive Buildings Away From Paris
Part of the allure of Paris is the wealth of beautiful architecture that can be found on the streets, but France has plenty of striking buildings away from the capital.
3 Ways To Enjoy Wine In Würzburg
Würzburg is an ideal choice if you’re looking to keep the wine flowing throughout your trip. So, here are three ways to ensure your glass is more than half full.
Events To Mark 2019’s Major Milestones
These 2019 events may inspire you to visit some of the destinations mentioned below and will help you learn more about the historical milestones that they plan to mark.
4 Lesser-Known Destinations From Our 2019 Brochure
Alongside ever-popular cities like Paris, Berlin and Rome, our 2019 brochure features some destinations that you may have never thought about before – and even a few that you may never have heard of.
6 Things To Eat At the Bremen Christmas Markets
Over three days in Bremen, we had lunch and dinner from the market stalls, trying to sample as much of the local delights on offer as possible. Here are just a few that you should definitely try on your own trip to the Bremen Christmas mark…
European Gift-Bringers That Aren’t Santa
So, who are Santa’s counterparts on the continent and what traditions to they bring to the festive season?
The Dos And Don’ts Of Visiting Pompeii
Any visit to Naples and the surrounding area would not be complete without spending some time in Pompeii. However, it’s not always straightforward to plan a visit like this, so we’ve put together some dos and don’ts that will help you get t…
5 Places To Stay When Visiting The Black Forest
When visiting the Black Forest, you may find it easier to stay in a larger town or city and then travel to the smaller places from there. Here are a few great options.
5 Things Zurich Offers That Aren’t Business
As the wealthiest city in Switzerland and one of Europe’s largest business hubs, the main reason why many people visit Zurich is for a quick business trip or stopover on the way to somewhere else. However, the city can offer plenty more to …
Why Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber Is Considered The Christmas Town
As well as being one of the prettiest towns in Germany, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is known as the ‘Christmas Town’. For visitors, it's Christmas every single day if you want it to be.
Visiting The Norwegian Fjords By Land
The Norwegian fjords have long been a fantastic and popular cruise region, but there’s no reason why you have to climb aboard a ship if you prefer travelling by land.
The Baroque Beauty Of Ludwigsburg
Whilst many German towns and cities were founded during the Roman Empire, Ludwigsburg is much younger. The city was born in 1704 and boasts many stunning features from the resplendent Baroque period.
5 Dishes To Try When Visiting…Belgium
Chocolate is all well and good but it would be ill-advised to eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So, here are a few dishes to look out for next time you find yourself in Brussels, Bruges or Ghent.
5 Things You’ll See On A Great Lakes Cruise
We are pleased to share something new and exciting with you that’s a little bit different. Having been named as the UK general sales agency for Victory Cruise Lines, we can now offer a fantastic range of cruises to the USA, Canada and Mexic…
Alsace – A Unique Destination Caught Between Two Countries
Influenced by both France and Germany, the people of Alsace have their own culture, their own traditions and even their own laws.
Düsseldorf – Home Of The World’s Longest Bar
Maybe your local has a sprawling countertop that can serve many people at once, but it still has a long way to go to match what Düsseldorf can offer.
5 Quirky German Traditions We Should All Adopt
The world is full of quirky traditions and customs that seem perfectly normal to those who have grown up with them but completely strange to outsiders. Rather than laugh at their absurdity, though, we feel that some should be adopted by the…
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Norway
As with other Scandinavian countries, Norway’s cuisine features a lot of fish – what better way to make great use of the surrounding seas? Here are just a few things to try on your next trip.
Cheaper Alternatives To Europe’s Most Popular Cities
Not only are these cities likely to be less crowded, you’ll also save a significant amount on things like accommodation, meals and sightseeing compared to more familiar destinations.
The Complete Guide To Oktoberfest
Although there are plenty of others to discover throughout Germany, Oktoberfest is still the country’s premier beer festival. Here is everything you need to know to enjoy this bucket list beer experience.
5 More Tourist Routes Through Germany
Each one of these mapped-out pathways showcases a different aspect of German culture or history, giving you an interesting way to explore the country off the beaten track.
The Dos And Don’ts Of Visiting The Blue Lagoon
Whether you stop for just 24 hours or stay for longer on a dedicated holiday, the Blue Lagoon is definitely worth a visit. So, here are some handy tips to remember if you’re planning to relax beneath the waters.
(Infographic) Everything You Need To Know About German Christmas Markets
Ever wondered where the largest Christmas market is, the most impressive or what you should eat as you wander around the stalls? Well, we have all the answers.
Three Ways To Enjoy A Holiday To Turkey As The Country Bounces Back
Following the troubled times of two year's ago, Turkey is bouncing back and is set to see a record year for tourism. Here are just three different ways you can discover this fascinating country.
10 Of Europe’s Best Free Attractions
There’s no doubt that Europe has some fantastic attractions. Iconic buildings and fascinating museums see millions of visitors every year – visitors that part with their hard-earned cash as they enter. However, it’s not just the attractions…
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Romania
Romanian food takes influence from other countries around it but still has its own clear identity and flavour, resulting in more than a few morsels which you should definitely try on any Bucharest city break.
What’s New At Europe’s Largest Theme Parks
Europe has some fantastic parks to choose from and they’re always expanding and developing ideas. Here are some of the newest attractions to look out for.
What To Do In Europe’s Best City Break Destination
At last weekend's World Travel Awards, Athens was crowned the winner of ‘best European city break’. So what are the best things to do in this fantastic city?
How To Visit Italy’s Three Active Volcanoes
For anybody interested in the science or natural make-up of volcanoes (or indeed the breathtaking views they offer), Italy is one of the best destinations in Europe in which to see them.
5 Of Germany’s Best Restaurants
Although not seen as a gourmet destination, Germany also has its fair share of Michelin-starred restaurants. If you’re celebrating a special occasion or just looking to sample the best of the best during your holiday, these venues won’t dis…
5 Fantastic Czech Cities That Aren’t Prague
Whilst many travellers head straight for the capital Prague, there are so many other great Czech cities that are also worth a mention. Here’s a look at five that are definitely worth your consideration when you’re next looking for hotels in…
Europe’s Best Urban Beaches
Who says that you can’t combine a beach break with a city break? Every summer, cities across Europe ship in tons of sand to create urban beaches alongside their rivers and here are some of the best.
Walk This Way: 5 Truly Terrific Treks Through Europe
Whether you enjoy the breath-taking views, beautiful nature or just the fact that you are out in the fresh air, Europe has some fantastic walking and hiking routes to relish. Here are just a few of our favourites that never disappoint.
5 Exciting Activities In Switzerland’s Jungfrau Region
A trip to Jungfrau can be as relaxing or active as you want it to be, but here are a few exciting activities whilst you’re here.
The Dos and Don’ts Of Visiting The Colosseum
After a recent trip to Rome, we can offer some great advice for anyone planning to visit the spectacular Colosseum.
10 Things To Know Before You Travel To Ischia
On our recent trip to Ischia, we saw for ourselves the beauty of a destination that not many UK holidaymakers know about. Here's why you should visit this Italian island.
7 Things For Foodies To Do In Germany
From Bavaria to Brandenburg, Germany is home to some exciting, enticing and often quirky culinary attractions. Here are just a few to look out for.
Vienna: Europe’s Home Of Art And Culture
You only need to take a relaxing stroll along the Ringstrasse to realise that the Viennese know what they’re doing when it comes to art and architecture. The city is littered with resplendent palaces, 19th-century cafés, world-famous art ga…
How To Follow In The Footsteps Of Your Favourite Artist
Here are some beautiful European destinations where you can retrace the steps of famous artists, exploring their lives and seeing some of their most iconic works.
Europa-Park: More Than Just A Theme Park
Simon Chambers and a few other members of the Fred.\ Holidays team recently enjoyed a short break at Germany’s Europa-Park. Here, Simon explains why the resort has so much more to offer than thrilling rides.
Discovering Paris’s Dark Side
From seemingly innocuous sights that actually have an intriguing story to things that are known to everyone but no one really knows why they’re there, these somewhat quirky attractions can add a slice of originality to your Paris city break…
5 Ways To Maximise Your Chance Of Seeing The Northern Lights
The chance to watch this enchanting spectrum of light dance across the sky could be a driving force behind your decision to travel, but how do you maximise your chances of seeing them? We’ve put together a few tips that will certainly help.…
What To Look Out For At Bremen Freimarkt 2018
Having been first held in 1035, the Bremen Freimarkt is one of Germany’s oldest festivals and the largest in the north of the country. Here are a few things you can look forward to in 2018.
Five Must-Visit Museums In Zagreb
Zagreb is known for its large number of museums, with some even saying it has the most per capita in the world. So, if you are visiting and you love museums, check out some of the attractions from our list.
Why Switzerland Is Europe’s Adrenaline Capital
Switzerland is more than prepared to cater for travellers who are seeking their next adrenaline rush, providing many activities that aren’t for the faint-hearted. Here are just a few that you may want to add to your bucket list.
Hamburg – Home To Germany’s Most Popular Tourist Attraction (And One Which Will Soon Be Up There Too)
Germany has some fantastic attractions that bring tourists to the country from all over the world. Having received an average of 1 million visitors per year since it launched in 2001, Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland has the honour of being th…
10 Things To Know When Travelling To Budapest
After a recent visit to the beautiful Hungarian capital, we have some great tips for anyone else thinking about a Budapest city break.
Expansions Make Therme Erding The Largest Spa In The World
Thanks to recent new additions and an expansion, it has been officially recognised as the largest spa complex in the world. Here are some of the new experiences you can look forward to at this mammoth complex.
A Belgian City For Every Kind Of Traveller
Belgium attracts beer and chocolate lovers by the thousand every year, but there is much more to the towns and cities of Flanders and Wallonia than these culinary staples.
7 Regional Foods To Celebrate Culinary Germany 2018
Germany is very proud of its traditions and is, therefore, celebrating one much-loved aspect of its culture throughout 2018 with the theme of ‘Culinary Germany’.
Why Portugal Is The Perfect Destination If You Love History
Some of the biggest reasons to holiday in Portugal include stunning beaches, glorious golf courses and, naturally, the chance to sample a glass or two of delicious port wine. But did you know the country is also a great destination if you l…
6 Unique Attractions In Germany That The Whole Family Will Enjoy
It can be hard to find activities that everyone enjoys whilst on a family holiday but, for those heading to Germany this year, there are plenty of choices.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Estonia
Here are some tasty morsels you should look out for on a Tallinn city break or any other trip to Estonia.
Europe’s 2018 Milestones and Anniversaries
Britain will mark a number of major milestones this year, including 100 years since some women first got the vote and 100 years since Stonehenge became a national monument. But what about the major events being held around Europe to mark si…
10 Travel Facts We Learnt In 2017
Who says travel agents know everything? Whilst we have great first-hand experience of all the destinations we offer, there’s always room for more knowledge. Here are 10 interesting facts we learnt when writing our recent brochure.
A Multi-Centre Break In Two Of Germany’s Most Popular Cities
Kevin Johnson experienced the ease of rail travel in Germany when visiting Dresden and Leipzig recently. Here’s why he’s eager to spend more time in both destinations.
The Alps And Downs Of A Trip To Switzerland
Jeanette Coppin was given the chance to tour Lake Lucerne, including a journey on the stunning Bernina Express. Here’s her trip in her own words.
5 Historic Highlights Found In The Historic Highlights Of Germany
These historic attractions show why these cities, and 12 others, are named within the Historic Highlights of Germany.
A Culinary Tour Of Lake Constance
Kevin Johnson visited the towns & cities surrounding Lake Constance on a culinary tour that offered much more. Here’s a look at his trip in his own words.
What Makes The Perfect Christmas Market?
It’s almost time for the magical Christmas markets across Europe to open their doors (at least metaphorically). But what makes a good one?
6 Alternative Palaces To Visit In Europe
Palaces such as Versailles, Schönbrunn, Sanssouci are all breathtaking royal residences, but they are not the only ones worth visiting in Europe.
4 Lesser-Known Locations From Our New 2018 Brochure
With our new brochure on the horizon, we highlight some fantastic destinations that might not be at the forefront of your mind.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Hungary
In a bid to make your stomach groan, here are five tasty morsels that will ensure you don’t go hungry in Hungary.
8 Creepy Characters From European Folklore
With Halloween on the horizon, we have gathered some of the best creepy creatures from myths, legends and folklore around Europe.
Discovering The Song Of The Nibelungs In Worms
The Song of the Nibelungs is a German epic poem set in Worms. There are many places to trace the tale's roots in this beautiful city.
Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival – The Ultimate Autumn Activity
The Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival is held every year and includes a whole host of interesting events for fans of autumn.
5 Ways To Enjoy Apple Wine In Frankfurt
Along with museums and a skyline that resembles Manhattan, Frankfurt is famous for its love of Apfelwein or, as it is known locally, Ebbelwoi.
Europe’s Best Winter Festivals
Christmas markets are a big appeal during the festive season, but there are so many other winter events happening all over Europe which are just as exciting.
5 Belgian Treats To Enjoy At Christmas Markets
From chocolatey delights to alcoholic tipples, here are some of the best food to enjoy at a Belgian Christmas market.
What’s New At Europa-Park?
Back in 2015, we took a visit to Europa-Park and returned raving about our experience. Since then, though, there have been plenty of exciting additions.
4 Important Figures Who Have Influenced Life In Thuringia
Thuringia can boast a number of big names that have passed through its towns and cities over the years and left a big impression. Here are four such figures.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Slovenia
Although there will be plenty of international cuisine on a Ljubljana city break, it’s worth trying some of these local delights during your trip.
5 Fairytales and Legends To Find On The Streets Of Bremen
Lying at one end of Germany’s popular Fairytale Route, it is no surprise that the streets of Bremen are home to a fair few myths and legends.
What Are Germany’s Romantic Cities And What Do They Offer?
Not to be confused with the Romantic Road, the Romantic Cities are a collection of destinations in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate.
4 Ways To Explore Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Rothenburg is possibly Germany’s most loved medieval town. Whatever time of year you visit, here are some great ways to get to know this wonderful destination.
Europe's Top 5 Green-Fingered Attractions
Gardening is one of Britain’s favourite pastimes, with around 27 million people enjoying the hobby. We have some great attractions here, but what about abroad?
Indulge Your Passion For Cars On A Tour Through Germany
In a country famous for producing many of our favourite cars, lovers of classic & modern automobiles can indulge their passion in a number of cities.
4 New European UNESCO World Heritage Sites For 2017
UNESCO has added 21 new sites to its World Heritage list this year, including the Lake District. So, which places in Europe can now boast this important honour?
5 Ways To Stay Cool In Berlin This Summer
In one sense of the word, Berlin is always cool. But, in order to be cool in the other sense of the word, you might want to try some of these activities.
8 Weird And Wonderful Museums In Prague
Prague is known for its fantastic beer and the rich history entrenched in its old town, but there are also plenty of interesting museums to discover as well.
Tips For Avoiding The Crowds At Europe’s Best Attractions
Want to visit the Eiffel Tower, La Sagrada Familia and the Vatican without the crowds? We have all you need to know right here.
5 Tips To Enjoy Europe’s Christmas Markets
It may only be June, but now is the best time to book your 2017 trip to one of Europe's magical Christmas markets.
The Advantages Of A Small Group Tour
Whilst some people prefer exploring on their own, there are plenty of advantages to travelling in a small group and along a pre-defined route.
Why Every Reykjavik City Break Should Include A Golden Circle Tour
If you only have time to do one excursion during your Reykjavik city break, here's why it should definitely be the Golden Circle Tour.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Finland
Whilst there will be plenty of international options, there are also some delicious local specialities you should definitely sample during your time in Finland.
4 Things That Are Free With The Inzell Card Plus
Any hotel stay in the German municipality of Inzell entitles you to a free Inzell Card Plus. This gives you access to these fantastic activities and services.
Exploring The Mountains Around Lake Lucerne
Once you have discovered the sights of Lucerne, it's time to head to higher ground. Here are the best things to do in the mountains surrounding Lake Lucerne.
Visit These Disney Film Settings In Real Life With Fred.\ Holidays
Disney often draws inspiration from real life, so there are ways of visiting the homes of your favourite characters. Here’s how you can with Fred.\ Holidays.
5 Money Saving Tips For Getting Around On Your City Break
One thing that often gets forgotten about when planning a holiday is how you are going to travel around your chosen city. But these tips are sure to help out.
Everything You Need To Know About The Best German Beer Festivals
Beer festivals take place all over Germany throughout the entire year. Here is everything you need to know about some of the best events the country can offer.
4 Unique Ways To Explore Geneva
With free public transport for the duration of your stay, it's easy to navigate around Geneva. However, here are a few more unique ways to explore the city.
4 Great Restaurants In 4 Of Bremen’s Best Neighbourhoods
One of the best things to do in Bremen is to wander around the many different districts to see what you find. Here are some fantastic restaurants to try.
5 Bernese Foods To Try
If you find yourself unwinding in one of the charming cafes during your Bern city break, here are some regional dishes to try.
5 Reasons To Book With Fred.\ Holidays
However you usually to go about arranging your trip, there are some major benefits to booking with us.
5 Basel Museums You Shouldn’t Miss
With around 40 different museums to explore, there are many reasons why fans of painting, architecture, design and sculpture will enjoy a Basel city break.
The 4 Best Sights Of Regensburg’s UNESCO-Listed Old Town
Featuring architecture from the 9th-13th century (& the Roman era), Regensburg’s Old Town is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Here's what you can see.
How To Visit Neuschwanstein Castle
One of Germany's most popular attractions lies off the beaten path and away from the main cities. So, what's the best way to visit?
How To Find The Best Restaurants In A Foreign City
It’s hard to know which restaurants, cafes & bars offer the best food in town. So here are a few ways to track down some tasty morsels to fuel your sightseeing.
4 Infographics To Improve Your Next Holiday
There are great resources all over the web to help at various stages of your holiday, but here are 4 travel infographics for 2017 that are particularly useful.
5 Architectural Wonders Of Dresden
Whilst the air raids & subsequent firestorm tore through some of Dresden's most important buildings, many have been meticulously restored to their former glory.
Romantic Activities To Turn Any City Into The City Of Love
These passionate pastimes which will create that loved-up feeling wherever you are in the world this Valentine's Day.
Your Definitive Guide To A Munich City Break
Our definitive guide will give you some insight into where to stay, what to eat and the must-see attractions during your trip to Munich.
5 Winter Activities To Enjoy In Europe
When the Christmas markets have been packed away, there are still plenty of reasons to visit cities all over Europe in winter.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Greece
Certain dishes, such as moussaka, souvlaki and taramosalata have made their way to our shores, but what of the cuisine that has yet to reach us here in the UK?
Anniversaries And Major Milestones In 2017
From 500 years of reformation to 25 years of Disneyland Paris, we look at the milestone events happening in 2017.
What’s For Christmas Dinner In Europe?
Whilst we’re all tucking into turkey and tubes of pig wrapped in blankets of pig, revellers in other countries will be enjoying something very different.
10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Romantic Road
The Romantic Road is a tourist route that stretches through southern Germany between Würzberg and Füssen. It is one of the most popular in the country.
4 New Museum Experiences In Berlin
Berlin is rich in history and culture, with new experiences opening all the time. Here are four exciting museums you can enjoy in 2017.
Italian Lakeside Towns That Shouldn’t Be Missed
The Italian lakes could be the perfect destination for your 2017 break. Here are a few towns you should definitely check out if you decide to make the trip.
5 German Cycle Routes That Show You Town And Country
Often following major rivers or travelling through historic towns, these German cycle paths can show you beautiful nature and popular city sights.
5 Cities Perfect For A Winter Break
It's time to embrace everything that winter brings – from crisp mornings to Christmas – and so here are some great cities to visit at this time of year.
4 New Additions To The Fred.\ Holidays Brochure For 2017
Yes, our 2017 brochure is nearly here and so we thought we would give you a sneak peek by sharing some fantastic gems that you’ll find within its pages. Just like last year, there will be plenty of inspiration for holidays all over Europe, …
Your Definite Guide To A Madrid City Break
Capital of Spain, home to one of the world’s most success football teams & overflowing with culture. Here's all you need to know when planning a trip to Madrid.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…France
There is no better place to sample French classics than in their home country and there are also plenty of gastronomic delights that are less well-known.
10 Things To Know About Nuremberg Bratwurst
Great as a snack as you walk around the Christmas market or as part of a main meal, here are ten things you should know about these meaty delights.
Some Iberian Inspiration For 2017
If you have already started to think about your trip for summer 2017, we have a great option for you to consider in the form of our ‘Iberian Inspiration’ tour.
What To Do With A Disused Power Station?
Of all the plans for a disused power station, turning it into a theme park is not the most likely choice. But that's exactly what happened at Wunderland Kalkar.
Rhine Rivals: Cologne Vs Dusseldorf
Whilst both cities are worth visiting in their own right, we look at their differences and what you can expect from a trip to either.
Dortmund – Germany’s Home Of The Beautiful Game
Dortmund may not be able to offer stunning historic architecture like Cologne or beautiful walking opportunities like Bergisches Land, but this city in North Rhine-Westphalia is perfect for football fans the world over. Packed tightly with …
The Beauty Of Bergisches Land
Bergisches Land, a large region close to Cologne, does a great job of showcasing Germany's natural side. Here's what we got up to during our time there.
Make A Pilgrimage To Altötting This Christmas
Whether you practice Christianity or not, a visit to the town of Altötting at Christmas will be very interesting and insightful.
4 Underrated Christmas Markets For 2016
There are hundreds of Christmas markets in Europe, more than the ones in the capitals. So here are a few different options that you may not have considered.
A Slice Of British Culture In The South Of Spain
Often maligned for being old fashioned, Gibraltar is experiencing a resurgence as Brits look for familiar surroundings outside of the UK.
4 Gourmet Tourist Routes Through Germany
Germany is full of various tourist routes, so here are four foody journeys that will leave a delicious taste in the mouth.
5 Facets Of Urban Life In Cologne
#urbanCGN is a campaign aimed at showing visitors that there is much more to Cologne than its iconic Gothic cathedral and the romantic River Rhine.
Your Definitive Guide To A Florence City Break
With glorious countryside surrounding it and many more cities to discover close by, Florence is the perfect place for a short break or a longer trip.
Therme Erding – A Watery World Of Fun And Relaxation
Therme Erding, Europe’s second largest spa complex, offers everything you need from a holiday under one roof (or a series of roofs to be exact).
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Sweden
This Scandinavian country is at the forefront of modern European cooking and can offer much more than the food you see in a certain furniture store.
4 Trendy Summer Events In Europe’s Coolest Capital
For those planning a Berlin city break this summer, here are a few cool events that are worth checking out if they coincide with your trip.
Germany’s Best Hiking Trails
For those who like to get close to nature, walking or hiking are the best ways to discover places that you might otherwise have missed.
Strange Accommodation Options In Europe
There are many quirky accommodation options around Europe that offer something different to help you create a very memorable holiday.
What’s Europe’s Best Tourist Attraction?
Europe is home to some fantastic tourist attractions but have you ever wondered which is the best?
3 Bavarian Castles To Admire
Bavaria has some great examples that are available for the public to explore, giving you an insight into the role they played in Germany’s past.
5 Ways To Save Money On Your European City Break
Eke out those Euros, conserve that Krona and be frugal with your Francs by taking advantage of our money saving tips on your European city break.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Croatia
Featuring plenty of seafood and influenced by Italian cuisine, here are a few things to try when you are in Croatia.
Why You Should Explore Europe By Train
We also offer some fantastic rail journeys in many different parts of Europe and often this is the best way to travel.
Europe’s Best Viewpoints
These fantastic observation decks will offer unrivalled views of the cities they're part of.
Your Definitive Guide To A Ljubljana City Break
Here's everything you need to know about a trip to the Slovenian capital. We tell you the best places to stay, great restaurants to try & what to do whilst you're there.
Making The Most Of A Stay In The Black Forest
By staying at least two nights in selected Black Forest accommodation, you'll qualify for a Red Inclusive Card. Here are some of the great discounts it offers.
The Ease Of Travelling To And In Germany
Although we like to pretend we don’t, Britons secretly love Germany & its holiday destinations. Here’s how simple it is to get to and around.
See Europe Differently With These Small Group Tours
The combination of passionate guides & immersive experiences on our group tours allows you to see a different side of countries you thought you knew well.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Italy
We all know about pizza and spaghetti Bolognese, but what do the locals eat in Italy and what should you definitely try whilst you are there?
4 Grand Prix Holidays You Shouldn’t Miss This Year
If you want to get into the heart of the Formula One action this year, here are four races which you shouldn’t miss.
Europe’s Strangest Festivals
Whilst many people would have had one eye on the Glastonbury line-up that was announced earlier this week, which celebrations will our European neighbours be looking forward to this year?
Don’t Leave Seville Without…
If you are planning a trip to the capital of Andalusia, you shouldn’t leave without doing the following activities.
Your Definitive Guide To An Oslo City Break
The capital of Norway is often regarded as an expensive place to spend a European city break, but with the right planning there’s no reason why it has to be.
What Is Each European Country The Best At?
It is not always that obvious what a country is best at, so here are a few things that you probably didn’t know about our European neighbours.
Cinque Terre And Other Places That Limit Tourist Numbers
Cinque Terre is not the only tourist destination to limit the number of visitors. Here are four other places that have done the same.
Unique Ways To Enjoy Belgian Beer
Here are a couple of unique ways discover the best beer Belgium has to offer.
Nature Holidays In Germany
With the German tourism board focusing on nature holidays for 2016, here are some excellent places in which to have an adventure.
Easter Traditions From Around Europe
In this country we are accustomed to eating a meal of roast lamb and gifting chocolate eggs during the Easter period, however this isn’t the same across the whole of Europe. Here are some interesting traditions found on the continent.
5 Reasons You’ll Love Our Small Group Tours
Our small group tours are unlike other trips of the same nature and we’re sure that you’re going to love them. Here are just a few reasons why.
Your Definitive Guide To A Dubrovnik City Break
Due to it becoming an iconic filming location for Game of Thrones, its popularity may have increased in recent years, but Dubrovnik has always been a beautiful place to spend a city break. With the option of combining it with Split or explo…
Trevi Fountain - Back and Better Than Ever
After a year and a half of having its beauty hid behind scaffolding and dust sheets, the Trevi Fountain reopened at the beginning of November 2015.
Celebrating The Rhineland’s Fifth Season
As sure as spring follows winter, the Rhineland areas of Germany save their most feverish celebrations for what is known as the ‘fifth season’.
Milestone Events In Europe During 2016
Last year saw, among other events, the 50th anniversary of the Sound of Music and 200 years since the Battle of Waterloo, but what can we look forward to in 2016?
Markets, Mulled Wine and Maritim Hotels
A few of us here at Fred.\ Holidays recently got the chance to head over to Germany’s Rhineland region and experience the sights and sounds of a number of German Christmas markets.
A Guide To Copenhagen On A Budget
With our guide of free and inexpensive things to do whilst in Copenhagen, there’s no reason why Denmark’s capital can’t be on your travel list.
Unexpected Sights At Europe’s Christmas Markets
Whilst there is likely to be handmade crafts and food stalls at this year's Christmas Markets, you may also find these things amongst the festivities.
Five Bridges to look out for in Budapest
We take a look at five bridges to keep an eye open for whilst in the Hungarian capital city of Budapest.
Your Definitive Guide To A Stockholm City Break
As winter's icy grip finally reaches us in 2015, there is an unmistakable festive feeling in the air. But, if you are looking to celebrate Christmas differently this time around, there are plenty of cities throughout Europe that are magical…
4 Stops On Germany's Romantic Road
The Romantic Road stretches from Würzburg to Füssen and features many different medieval towns and cities that are awash with history.
A Sneak Peek At The 2016 Fred.\ Holidays Brochure
The 2016 Fred.\ Holidays brochure is now available, so we took a sneak peek at some of the best deals before it is officially released to the world.
Festive Facts About Europe’s Christmas Markets
What do we know about these festive festivals known as Christmas markets? Here are some interesting facts.
5 Spine-Chilling European Attractions
These spooky attractions offer an experience like no other and one that may leave you looking over your shoulder.
6 Things To Do In Rhineland-Palatinate Whilst Waiting For Santa Claus
The romantic Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany lends itself perfectly to a pre-Christmas break. Here are just a few things to do whilst you're there.
Tips For Cycling Through Europe
Here is some great advice for anyone embarking on one of our European cycle tours.
Your Definitive Guide To A Zurich City Break
If you are looking to visiting Switzerland's largest city, our definitive guide will give you all the information you need.
How To Enjoy The Perfect European City Break
City breaks are now more popular amongst Brits than packaged beach holidays. Here's how to get the most out of your trip.
Your Definitive Guide To A Dusseldorf City Break
Here is everything you need to know when embarking on a Dusseldorf city break.
5 Dishes To Try When Travelling To…Switzerland
Here is a range of delicious dishes that you should definitely try during your time in Switzerland.
Steam Ahead With Rail Tours From Fred.\
Our newly added steam train tours allow you to experience the nostalgia of travelling by steam locomotive.
Auschwitz: A Window Into The Cruel Past
The largest Nazi concentration camp is now a museum which looks to help visitors understand what life would have been like here. Whilst it's a reluctant tourist attraction, it tells a story that needs to be told.
5 Things That You’ll Find At Munich’s Starkbierfest
Munich's Starkbierfest is held in February and March and is the perfect alternative to Oktoberfest.
The Best City Zoos In Europe
If you're looking for a great day out that all the family can enjoy, the zoo is the perfect option. Here are some of our favourites within Europe.
3 Summer Holidays With A Difference
Here are three great summer holidays which allow you to discover more in your chosen destination. Check out these fantastic land tours.
Your Definitive Guide To A Bordeaux City Break
Here is everything you need to know about a trip to Bordeaux. From where to eat to where to go, we'll help you navigate the city of wine with ease.
Your Guide To Europa-Park (Part 2)
After looking at the rides last time around, we switch our focus to the hotels you can choose to stay in at Europa-Park.
Wonderful Winter Break Ideas
We have some excellent winter break options for those who like to take it easy and anyone looking for something a bit more active.
Your Guide To Europa-Park (Part 1)
Europa-Park celebrates its 40th birthday in 2015, so we went to take a look around this thrilling theme park.
Unlock The German Capital With Your Free Berlin Welcome Card From Fred.\
Enjoy free travel and discounts for over 200 experiences with a free Berlin Welcome Card from Fred.\.
4 Highlights Of A Trip To Thuringia
Thuringia may not be the most obvious choice when considering a German holiday, but there are many highlights of a visit to this beautiful part of the country.
Why You Should Never Be Afraid To Travel Alone
Travelling alone is a great way to see the world. And when you book with Fred.\ Holidays there is no reason to be afraid of embarking on a solo trip.
4 Ways To Relax In The Spa Town Of Baden-Baden
This spa town is famous for its thermal springs, casino and horse racing. Here are some of our favourite ways to relax whilst in town.
Summer On The Shores Of Sicily
Here's what you can expect if you head off to the sunny island of Sicily this summer with Fred.\ Holidays.
The Definitive Guide To A Venice City Break
Here is everything you need to know about the iconic city of Venice. Find out where to eat and where to stay, as well as all the wonderful things to see.
Festive Food Found At German Christmas Markets (We Know It’s Only April)
It may only be April, but booking your trip to one of Europe's Christmas markets is something best done early in the year.
5 Unmissable Berlin Events For Summer 2015
Berlin has plenty of interesting events happening all year round. Here are a few great examples that will take place this summer.
One El Of A Ride
We take a closer look at the cycling holidays we offer along the River Elbe. These tours can take you through Germany and to parts of the Czech Republic.
The Definitive Guide To A Nuremberg City Break
Here is everything you need to know when heading to the Bavarian city of Nuremberg. Our guide includes where to stay, where to eat, and the best things to do.
Brighten Up Your Holiday With A Trip To One Of Europe’s Best Beaches
Europe has a host of great beaches for anyone looking for fun in the sun this summer. There are white sands, soaring temperatures & stunning vistas aplenty.
Picture Perfect City Breaks For Art Lovers
Here are some great European cities in which you can enjoy art in many of its fabulous forms.
Europe’s Best Metro Systems
Getting around on your European city break is made easy with the use of these efficient and interesting metro systems.
4 Perfect Public Parks
Even on the shortest of city breaks, there is a need to relax and unwind. These public parks offer the perfect surroundings in which to do it.
The Definitive Guide To A Prague City Break
Here is everything you need to know when heading to the Czech Republic for a Prague city break. Dine like a local and see the best sights with our great guide.
Europe’s Strangest Museums
In the past, we have looked at some of our favourite museums in Europe. Here are a few at the other end of the spectrum.
Valentine’s Day The European Way
As Valentine's Day looms we take a look at some of the unusual customs from around Europe. Could any of this provide ideas for your celebrations?
Europe’s Milestone Events In 2015
There are many fantastic events happening all over Europe in 2015, marking a range of different anniversaries. Here are just a few you can look forward to.
Five Of Europe’s Greenest Cities
Cities all over the world are doing what they can to reduce CO2 emissions and decrease reliance on fossil fuels. Here are some great European examples.
The Definitive Guide To A Vienna City Break
From what to do to how to get there, here is everything you need to know when embarking on a culture-rich Vienna city break.
European Capitals Of Culture 2015
We take a closer look at Mons and Pilsen, the two cities that have been given the honour of being the European Capitals of Culture for 2015.
Christmas In Europe: Festive Traditions From Around The Continent
To get you in the festive spirit, here are some Christmas traditions from around Europe. They feature evil spirits, strange Christmas characters & lots of food.
5 Exciting European Cities In Which To Welcome The New Year
New Year's Eve is a big occasion across the whole of Europe and so those looking to enjoy something different can head to one of these exciting cities.
Ski Sunday…And Monday, And Tuesday, And Wednesday…
Europe's mountainous regions are filled with excellent ski resorts. Here are a few of the best to get you excited about the ski season.
Untold UNESCO: European World Heritage Sites You Never Knew Existed
There are UNESCO World Heritage sites all over Europe, but here are few that you will have never heard of and which are well worth a visit.
The Definitive Guide To An Amsterdam City Break
Here is everything you need to know when visiting the delightful city of Amsterdam.
A Sightseeing Cycle: Europe’s Best Cycling Holidays
Cycling holidays are set to become a big trend in 2015 and so we round up some excellent two-wheeled journeys within Europe.
Family-Focussed City Breaks To Inspire Your Children
It can be difficult to find something for everyone when travelling, but these city break ideas provide plenty of entertainment for fledgeling​ adventurers.
5 Fantastic Theme Parks For Thrill-Seeking Fun
Britain has some excellent theme parks, but here are some exciting and thrilling attractions in mainland Europe.
The Definitive Guide To A Berlin City Break
Here is everything you need to know when embarking on a city break to Germany's capital, Berlin.
Why Christmas Markets Provide An Extra Drop Of Festive Cheer
Christmas is a magical time of year wherever you spend it, but there are many reasons why a visit to a festive market will increase your yuletide cheer.
The Best City Breaks For Fans Of Fabulous Food
Food can really enhance your travels and it's always fun to try a few local specialities. Here are the best city breaks for food fans.
Laid Back Lakes For Lethargic Breaks
Lake holidays can offer a well-deserved and relaxing break. Whether you want to take it easy or be more active, there is so much to do in these parts of Europe.
Rome-ing Around Italy’s Capital
Sarah Fisher tells us all about her Rome city break whilst also offering some top tips for anyone else wishing to do the same.
Three Cheers For A Festival Of Beers
There are plenty more european beer festivals besides Oktoberfest and so why not consider one of these excellent options.
5 City Breaks For Shopaholics
Great city break destinations for those that love to shop until they drop.
Ode To Cologne
Here are the highlights from Chris Mayhew's recent trip to the German city of Cologne.
Deck The Stalls – Christmas Has Come Early
Now is the perfect time to book your festive trip to one of Europe's beautiful Christmas markets. Here's a look at a few of them in more detail.
5 Of Europe’s Best Museums
Europe has so many great museums, focussing on a range of different subjects. Here a few of the best from various cities on the continent.
A Look At Mainland Europe’s Secret Seaside Resorts
There are many great beach areas in Europe, so why not look past the obvious and explore some of the lesser-known resorts.
Romance In The City: Perfect City Breaks For Romantic Couples
Romance is in the air as we highlight some of the best city breaks for couples in love.
3 Reasons Why City Breaks Provide The Ultimate Holiday Experience
City breaks are a great choice for people who like to cram as much into their time away as possible. Here are three reasons to choose them.
Off The Beaten Track: Unconventional City Breaks
Four examples of excellent city break destinations that you wouldn't normally think to visit.