Squashed Tomatoes

La Tomatina

The fact that La Tomatina has grown in popularity outside of Spain in recent years almost makes you forget how strange this festival is. It is, in essence, an excuse for everyone to throw tomatoes at each other for absolutely no reason at all. Taking place in the town of Buñol, just outside of Valencia, La Tomatina is a lively affair that has been happening every year since 1945. No one is quite sure why the event started but it was so enjoyable that residents continued the tradition the following year. It has grown so popular that tourists now come from far and wide to paint the town red with tomato paste and a ticketing system has been installed.

Although it may look like a free-for-all, there are actually some important rules to adhere to. Tomato throwing must end when you hear the sound that signifies a ceasefire (usually after one hour), only tomatoes are allowed to be thrown and all must be squashed before they leave your hand to avoid any injury.

La Tomatina usually takes place on the last Wednesday in August. This will be the 29th August 2018. If you would like to visit this region of Spain during this time, to take part in the frivolities or just to watch, contact us today.

Additional Information
Useful Information
  • Flight time from London: 2hr 30min
  • Valencia Airport: 34km from the city centre; transfer time about 29 min
  • Currency: Euro
Where to stay

Hotel Condes de Bunol

This small hotel enjoys a central location in the city of Bunol and is very weloming to visitors attending La Tomatina.


Venta Pilar

Set in a recontructed inn of the XVII centuryl, this hotel offers ntimate and comfortable rooms for guests attending La Tomatina, as well as a restaurant which brings to life the flavors of the region.


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