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  • Prague Castle

    Prague Castle

  • Prague - the Castle Steps

    Prague - the Castle Steps

  • National Castle and Chateau

    National Castle and Chateau

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Whilst the capital may be the most famous settlement amongst the list, we also offer Ostrava city breaks as well as holidays to Brno, Pilsen and many other cities.

Czech Republic

Czech Republic is a flourishing country at the heart of Europe. Always culturally diverse, it has a fascinating history, incredible architecture, breathtaking mountains and warm hospitality, offering something for everyone.

Main attractions include Prague, with its world famous architecture, the old town of Kutná Hora and the picturesque Ceský Krumlov, all of which are on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

You can explore beautiful lakes in Southern Bohemia, Southern Moravia and the Czech borders, formed by mountains and perfect if you love hiking. In the cities and towns, an efficient public transport system makes it quick, easy and pleasurable to get around.

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Did you know?

Pointing with the index finger is considered rude in the Czech Republic



Since the fall of communism, the Czech Republic has placed high priority on renovating historical sites and preserving a rich collection of art treasures.

Music is central to the Czech culture. There's even a saying, 'Co Čech, to muzikant', which translates 'every Czech is a musician'. The country's musical roots are in high culture opera and symphony and the traditional folk music of Bohemia and Moravia.

Cross-cultural diversity are key to Czech music, and composers are influenced by many styles, including traditional folk, jazz and bluegrass.

Notable Czech composers include Antonín Dvořák, Gustav Mahler and Bedřich Smetana. Beethoven and Mozart were also connected to the Czech Republic throughout the period of the Habsburg Empire.

Food and drink

Czech beer has a huge reputation for quality, and produces some of the best known, most loved beers worldwide.

The biggest Czech brewers include Staropramen and Budvar, but there are many more smaller, family-run breweries, often run as part of a restaurant or bar.

Many breweries run tours, which gives you a great chance to sample Czech beer where it's made.

Czech cuisine features many meat dishes, often with gravy and dumplings or potatoes. Pork, beef and chicken are all popular meats, as well as goose, duck, rabbit and wild game, always served with vegetables. While fish is not generally so popular, fresh trout and carp are traditional at Christmas.

Did you know?

In the Czech Republic, red is commonly worn in spring, and symbolises joy, health, happiness and new life.

Pointing with the index finger is considered rude in the Czech Republic.

Facts and figures

Capital Prague
Official languages Czech, Slovak, Polish, German and Romani
Currency Czech koruna or Czech crown
Time zone Central European Time
Accession to the EU 1 May 2004
Area 78,866 sq km / 30,450sq miles
Population 10.5 million

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