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Extending off of the northern tip of Germany is the Scandinavian country of Denmark, which is home to a fine blend of medieval cities and unspoilt countryside. Although Denmark is the smallest nation in Scandinavia, it is home to more than 400 islands of various sizes – all of which are linked together via expansive bridges.

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities, being home to one of the largest shopping malls in the world and offering a fun and friendly nightlife atmosphere. It is also compact and easy to navigate, which will enable you to make the most of your time in the city. There are plenty of options available for you to enjoy during your visit, with a vast number of galleries and museums, as well as a range of Michelin-starred restaurants including Noma – which has previously been rated the best restaurant in the world.

On the island of Jutland, you can visit the historical settlement of Ribe, which is Denmark’s oldest town and is home to an array of many well-preserved medieval buildings. The Ribe Cathedral is one of the finest examples of this architecture, while the church tower offers one of the best ways to admire the town with fantastic panoramic views. Jutland is also the homeland of Lego and you can find out more about one of Denmark’s most famous exports at the original Legoland theme park.

Denmark is very accessible, with land tours and ocean cruise options available that also enable you to incorporate the neighbouring nations of Norway and Sweden. Wherever you would like to go and whatever you would like to do, Fred. Holidays can make your ideas a reality.

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Folk music, its costumes, and Elf's are an important and colourful part of its history. Denmark's folklore portrays Elf's as beautiful ladies that lived under large rocks or on hills. Costumes date back to the eighteen hundreds, and their colours and styles are dictated by the customs and materials of their region of origin. The opportunity to visit museums, particularly its largest, The National Museum close to the middle of Copenhagen, is a must, as is experiencing the atmosphere of its music festivals including the Jelling Music Festival and the Kloften Festival.

Food and Drink

Pork is a huge part of its history, culture and business. One of its finest and most-loved pork dishes is Frikadelle, which dates back to around 1650. Traditionally it's served with potatoes, preserved sour vegetables and brown sauce. Denmark's moist, cool climate also heavily influences its cuisine and dairy products are one of its specialities. Long, cold winters mean food preservation has always been important, with smoking and pickling the most widely used methods. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks play a big part in the countries traditional and way-of-life. From Mead, made by the Vikings to Gløgg, a hot punch made from red wine, sherry, brandy and fruit. Akvavit and Pilsners are also very popular. Many people start the day with a coffee, whilst parents often serve their children rich, creamy hot chocolate or elderflower cordial


Successful English raids in the 11th century led to the formation of an Anglo-Danish kingdom. Denmark reached its most powerful in the early 13th century. But two hundred years later Sweden's increased power and prominence, forcing Denmark to be aggressive and stand its ground. Under the leadership of King Christian, Denmark established itself as a modern nation by 1650. Denmark gave up control of Norway in 1814 and by 1901 Denmark had introduced full parliamentary democracy. After its neutral stance during World War I, and the end the Second World War Denmark joined NATO. In 1973 it joined the European Union and has been heavily involved ever since.



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