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Croatia is a land of jaw-dropping landscapes and natural beauty. Plitvice Lakes National Parks holds lush, dense, forests, while Dubrovnik is surrounded by jagged cliffs and golden beaches. Its love of sport, especially football is feverish countrywide, and its club rivalries and their supporters are some of the most passionate in the world. Touted as the new French Riviera, the Dalmatian Coast offers revellers incredible beauty set against a majestic, mountainous backdrop.

Many of the cities will have names that you recognise and so a holiday to Zagreb may not be quite the step into the unknown you might imagine it to be. With other areas, such as Split and Dubrovnik, available, we can help you find the perfect itinerary for your trip to Croatia.

Did you know?


Rome and Greece are heavily woven into Croatian history, and festivals are an enormous part of its culture and society. Every year since 1950, The Dubrovnik Summer Festival has been a six-week open-air music, theatre and dance extravaganza. Sculpture is also prevalent in Croatia's cultural history and one of its most spectacular examples being the 'wooden doors of Split cathedral' by Andrija Buvina. It is also full of architecture and music.

Food and Drink

Olive oil is an integral part of Croatian cooking. For generations, it has been used to roast and grill fish. Flavours are defined by the meat is cooked over and how the fish is grilled. A method using Dalmatian olive oil is traditionally known as Gradelavanje, which generates a unique flavour. Roasted lamb and grilled pork are also common. Slavonia's speciality is Kobasice or pork sausages. The reputation of Croatian wine is growing rapidly. Their special flavours are a result of the warm conditions in the south of the country. It also boasts some of the best drinking water anywhere in the world.


The Croats arrived in what is today called Croatia in the 7th century. Croatia was first declared a kingdom in the 10th century. From the 12th century, it remained ruled by parliament but took orders from Hungary and Austria. The reign of King Robert was followed by that of Louis the Great (1342-1382) which is considered the golden age of Croatian medieval history. The 15th century marked the start of bitter struggles with the Ottoman Empire that raged until the 17th century. By the end of the First World War, Croatia and Slavonia became a part of the State of Slovenes, with a transitional government based in Zagreb. In 1945 the country went through massive changes. Its ability and desire to embrace industrialisation and build its economy was the basis for the development of its tourist industry. In 1992 Croatia regained independence from Yugoslavia and on November 6 1996, became a member of the Council of Europe. It was granted EU applicant status on June 18, 2004. With negotiations ongoing, Croatia is aiming to secure its accession into the European Union by the end of 2011.



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