Bamberg Franconia

Franconia Wine Country

Blessed with a rich cultural heritage and full of natural beauty, this lush vine-covered region with its many stunning castles is one of the most romantic regions in Germany. Franconia occupies the northern part of Bavaria, and its lovely rolling hills are home to a beautiful wine region. Franconia, in the north-west of the country, produces some exceptional wines, served in a distinctive flattened teardrop-shape bottle, the 'Bocksbeutel'.

Southern Franconia's beautiful countryside is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. But nature is not the only draw to this part of Germany. Franconia also offers many historical towns and cities and their Christmas markets attract thousands of visitors every year. Würzburg, also the gateway to the Romantic Road, is a charming city renowned for its delicate wines, Bamberg is widely acknowledged as one of Germany's most beautiful cities and Rothenburg is a medieval gem.


WürzburgWürzburg on the banks of the River Main is a charming city renowned for its art and architectural heritage. The Residence Castle in Würzburg, a Baroque masterpiece, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. Towering over the city you will find the rebuilt Marienburg Fortress, which has been expanded and renovated over time in different architectural styles. Würzburg is a lively university city set amongst acres of rich vineyards with an infinite choice of pubs, beer gardens, cafés and restaurants.


BambergBamberg is one of Franconia's most diverse and beautiful cities, whose Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city's main appeal lies in its sheer number of fine historic buildings and their different architectural styles. Bamberg's winding alleyways and trickling waterways reveal a thousand years of cultural and architectural delights. Bamberg is famous for its beer, and over 200 varieties are produced locally. The town and the surrounding hills are dotted with wonderful beer gardens.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der TauberAs you walk up to the medieval wall of Rothenburg, and enter the city through its ring of intact fortifications, you will be transported back to a different century. The town is one of Germany's best-preserved medieval cities 's two main market streets are full of picture-perfect houses, cafés and restaurants. Regional specialities can be enjoyed in cosy taverns with Franconian wine as the perfect accompaniment.

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