The Wieskirche is a popular point along Germany’s Romantic Road, in Bavaria, and a shining example of Rococo architecture. Millions of people visit the chapel every year on a pilgrimage to see the Scourged Saviour – a wooden statue for which this marvellous building of worship was built to house. Back in 1738, a tear is said to have appeared on the face of the figure and this immediately led to a sharp increase in visitors.

The church has always been treated as a unique place where people can be at one with their thoughts and contemplate the theological imagery used inside. It was described as ‘a bit of heaven in this suffering world’ by writer Peter Dörfler and is definitely an intensely spiritual place. Special concerts are held throughout the year which feature the music of world-renowned composers.

Images courtesy of Tourismusverband Pfaffenwinkel

Additional Information
Visitor Information

In order to appease both the tourists and the worshippers, the Wieskirche has very strict opening times for those on a sightseeing visit. Therefore, it’s always best to check with the church that it will be open when you plan to visit.

As a rough guide, tourists are permitted during the following times:


Monday – Friday
8am to 10am and 12pm to 2pm

8am to 10am

1pm to 4pm


As above with the addition of…

Monday – Thursday
5pm to 7pm

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