Wadden Sea Panorama

Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea was voted one of the most beautiful World Heritage Sites by readers of Conde Nasté Traveller in 2014. It stretches across the coastline of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, creating an ever-changing landscape that moves with the tides. It covers an area of roughly 310 miles and features a multitude of habitats for wildlife.

The Wadden Sea is perfect for anyone who wants to experience nature at its rawest but is most appealing to birdwatchers. Every spring and autumn, millions of birds gather here for a feast, stopping on their migratory path to take advantage of this unique terrain. There are various ways to travel in between places like Sylt, Heide and Niebüll – including car, bus and via the North Sea Cycle Route. 50 different visitor centres exist along the way, offering educational experiences and guided tours for interested travellers.

Images courtesy of ASchnabler

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