Margravial Opera House Bayreuth

Bayreuth’s Baroque opera house is the most complete example of 18th-century Italian theatre design. Thanks to the work of father and son Giuseppe and Carlo Galli Bibiena, the breathtaking building has been marvelled at by all visitors since 1748. The duo was commissioned by Margravine Wilhelmine of Bayreuth to create a masterpiece that would attract theatre goers from all around.

An unassuming yet stylish building on the outside, the interior is filled with vibrant colours and adorned with gold. To ensure the best acoustics, everything was made from wood, even the columns which were painted to look like marble.

Although obviously a beautiful piece of architecture, the constant changing of styles meant that people fell out of love with the Margravial Opera House by the end of the century. However, this could well be the reason why it is in such good condition today, allowing us to witness its stunning craftwork.

Until April 2018, the opera house will be closed while the Bavarian Palace Department work to try and restore it comprehensively.

Additional Information
Visitor Information

Once it is reopened, you will be able to tour the opera house as part of a 45-minute multimedia presentation. Entrance fees will be €8 for adults and under 18s are free.

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