An absolute dream of a trip

What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

There were so many! There were some quite intrepid bits to the climb (clambering over a few rocks for example), and some of the climbs felt so steep! After 950m of up, I felt really proud to have succeeded. The views were awe-inspiring. A lady on our trip had had two hip replacements, and she pretty much kept up with all of us, and I found that inspirational actually- what a star.

What did you think of your group leader?

Peter was absolutely BRILLIANT. He was so much fun, and chattered away to us, but he had so many interesting things to tell us about nature and walking. He set a great pace for everyone, and it was really reassuring to have him around. We all loved him.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

I wore a hat, and I found it so helpful against the sun. We all got burnt on the first day, and Exodus aren't exaggerating when they tell you you need to bring high factor. I wouldn't buy poles before you go: people varied on their preference for them (I tried them, but I didn't like them personally), but there were spare poles in our chalet which meant we could have a go with them and see how they felt. I'm 30, and there were quite a lot of people around my age in the group, which was great. You're going on a walking holiday: you're going to meet good people, regardless of age. But I did appreciate the fact that most of us were roughly the same age and so walked at around the same pace. But to be honest, most people who come on these holidays are fairly fit anyway, so it's not a big thing really.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Really have to mention Sarah and Rich, our chalet hosts. The two of them were so welcoming, and just really good to chat to. But Sarah was an absolutely phenomenal cook: despite all of the exercise, I actually put on weight that trip, but it was only because the food is so outstanding! Sarah makes PDF copies of the recipes available at the end of the holiday, and I haven't even been home 5 days and I've already made one of her cakes. I met some seriously cracking people, from the UK, and Australia, and Canada!! What a bunch of lovely people... I'll be staying in touch with them.