What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

Best sights for me were at Lac Blanc, where I would recommend you hike to the far side of the lake for photos, plus on the descent from the Brevent, especially the sights back into Chamonix on the short balcony walk before reaching the midpoint refuge. Oh, and the Billberry tart.

What did you think of your group leader?

Oliver knows how to run the group well. Very knowledgable and experienced guy, a sheer pleasure to be with. The first two hours on Day 1 seem a little slow, but then you realise that while he is hiking, he is also checking out the group, judging the pace and expertly finding a speed suitable for all. By Day 5, when your legs no longer work, you will realise that a) He is still in front of you and b) He will be doing all this again next week while you recover ! Have to also mention that if Elaine serves the ginger/honey cake for packed lunch, steal/bribe/beg for as much as you can get.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

The meeting point for this trip is at Geneva Airport at about 10:30 am on Saturday morning. The Exodus group flight for this trip is the BA flight out of London City airport. This in my mind is quite hard to get to from most places in the UK for say, a 7 am check in.  It is also an expensive flight, plus if you want to drive to the airport, the car parking charges are huge. I flew out on the Friday night instead, Easyjet flight from Gatwick and stayed in the Holiday Inn near the airport. Flight was £105 return, hotel booked on Expedia was about £65 and the next morning my travel consisted of a five minute courtesy bus trip to the airport.  

Is there anything else you would like to add?

One tip - even though you are flying in and out of Geneva, you don't really need Swiss Francs (unless you stay extra days). Most of the shopping and food places visited are in France with a couple in Italy, so Euros only are required.  Loads of camping /hiking stores in Chamonix if you need the odd piece of kit. The Wednesday is a planned day off. Plenty of side trips, shopping, cable car rides etc etc , or....have a lie in and then grab a late breakfast in town and let your feet recover for 24 hours. The Hottub is calling, so take your trunks or cossie.