What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

On the top of Puig Campana on the last day - towering over Benidorm and the Med - warm sun and yet early February - a terrific achievement!

What did you think of your group leader?

Our leader was ideal - local; passionate about the area; excellent command of English; very good with people; an excellent organiser... what more do we want?

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

This is a strenuous week. The mountains are rocky and steep and the distances about 12 miles most days. We managed (and we are in our 70s) but we could not have done much more.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have rarely (if ever) had a holiday with such lovely food. It was all really good country fare, and the dietary requirements of a few of the group were handled well. The three small hotels in different villages were all lovely.