What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

The last walk for me was quite an achievement as it was 15 km long and had some really rough bouldery streambed type terrain. The final destination at Cala Longa with a lovely long relaxed swin and return by boat to Cala Gonone ended an excellent week.

What did you think of your group leader?

Ruedy was an truely excellent leader. Never trying to hurry those of us who were older and slower than most and allowing the 'gazelles' amongs us to proceed with out being held up. Also when one of our number had a cut knee he had all the skills to treat it and to accompany her for the rest of the distance which, as there was no road access to the path, says alot for his skills. His instructions were very clear and precise. Excellent!

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

My advice to other potential travellers is to be sure to have good boots and not just treking shoes. The heat was a bit of a problem on day one  28°C and we walked 16km and up 600m on a tarmac road.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would have classified the whole trip as Moderate and not as Easdy/moderate. Longest walk about 16km and we did not do the last bit of the Tiscali climb so can't tell about the difficulty of that.