What did you think of your group leader?

The leaders were Eric and Albert.  They modified the walks to ensure we best utilised the weather - so we did the high level walks on the sunniest days rather than risking losing the views.  They both have a good sense of humour.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

There is a choice of menu every night - read the Italian as well as the English as sometimes the translation is a bit strange. Take small Euro denominations for the huts Prosecco was a good price at the hotel in Moena

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Walking in the Western Dolomites sounds a bit of a vague title!  For people looking at the Classic Dolomites trip or this Western trip it may not be easy to decide which to do.  There is contrast between the trips in both scenery and local culture even though they are both 'Dolomites'.  The scenery is stunning for both trips - if I had to decide, I preferred the walking and the scenery in the Western Dolomites trip (Val di Fassa).  In terms of local culture: the Classic Dolomites has an Austrian feel - the dominant language is German and the food is tends to be more Austrian - whereas the Western Dolomites is more typical Italian.  The hotel on the Western trip is a bit more basic than the Classic trip (which is sold as a premier trip and is of course more plush) - but the Moena hotel is still nice and comfy and the food is good (lots of it).  They had a Ladin night when we were there - Ladin being the local valley food.  Moena is a nice little place for a wander. On the Western dolomites trip they are running a B grade and a C grade every day so there is a flex if you were not sure which to do - and it could be handy if you were travelling with friends and some people wanted a slightly different pace.  Both the walking groups mix together in the evening and it's good to find out what the other group have been up to. Overall I'd really recommend the Western Dolomites trip.