Walking and Prosecco Bubbles

What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

Several of the walks including the walk from Cison di Valmarino to Castelbrando , very pretty village and impressive views up to Castelbrando , lovely place to stop for refreshments. Castelbrando was stunning , although little information given . Valdobbiadene gorgeous area and the wine tasting at San Gregoria . Guided sightseeing walk around Treviso was very enjoyable . Route around Asolo which is one of the strategic areas from the Great War , stunning views of the Dolomites . Again , disappointed little detail given apart from what information you picked yourself . Asolo tuned out to be a beautiful village and an area well known for producing superior Prosecco . Experienced a new drink here made with Prosecco, Elderflower and mint called a Hugo - delicious.

What did you think of your group leader?

Very disappointed with Group Leader , Severio . He spoke excellent English and was a pleasant enough character . He fulfilled the basic requirement and no more. His heart didn't seem to be in it and was unenthusiastic and lacked passion , his aim was to get to a bar. Compared to previous experiences on Exodus trips the Leader would be more social and share his time between the group and would impart knowledge , interesting facts and details of the places visiting . Leaders in the past have always been aware of the group and their capabilities and listened to their requests. Whilst walking there was one pace, Severio's pace. Walk along the River from Treviso seemed like a "frogmarch" in what was an incredibly hot afternoon , again little information given about the area or flora/fauna. At end of walk , the bar we had been told we were heading for was closed- this was a 3 hour walk . Walk around the Valdobbiadene area , lost his way on occasions and one of the trails was definitely not a marked route and ended in scrambling through a wooded area. Again a very hot day and some members of group experienced heat exhaustion , resulting in needing to take a break until they felt able to carry on . Severio had gone on ahead and remaining group arrived at the refuge a good 30 mins later he hadn't come back down the path to find us . After lunch he set off at such a pace he lost a majority of the group as we didn't know which direction he had taken. We had to phone him. On arrival at Villa Barbaro , he said we had 15 mins to look around which many said wasn't long enough and we needed a little more time. Also thought this was insulting to Villa Barbaro and felt time pressured. Severio needs more guidance and support and needs to appreciate the difference between being a guide for one of the mass market holiday companies and working with Exodus.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

Incredibly humid in June and July , ensure you have breathable walking gear and carry a camel back for water . Take poles , they are useful and needed at times. Be prepared for mosquitos and take repellent and a plug for your room.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Prosecco region is well worth visiting , very unspoilt and you do learn about this fabulous sparkling wine. On the free day do go to Venice , it's very easy to get their by train or a visit to Conegliano which has a lovely walk up to the castle. Some great restaurants and shops if you feel the need for Retail therapy. It's a 20 to 30 min bus ride with one change or a taxi spilt between a few people makes it very economical.