AMAZING TIME walking the Amalfi Coast!

What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

I can't really pick one moment because the whole trip really was one big inspirational moment. The Tre Calli hike and the views from up there were amazing, Vesuvius was brilliant, but so were all the other hikes. We hiked in pouring rain during our last day and even that was fun because our group spirit was so high! And like I mentioned earlier, we had such a good time during every dinner, so many nice conversations, so many laughs...the live music night and everyone singing and dancing together was so brilliant, it really showed the team spirit...I just had a really wonderful time!

What did you think of your group leader?

Severio was AWESOME!!! I can only praise him!! He paced the hikes really well, there was always a chance to take a break and drink some water (it was around 35 Celsius outside every day so it got really hot and it was crucial that everyone drank enough fluids, so Severio made sure everyone drank enough and reminded us to have some water) and there were also enough bathroom breaks along the way. Severio really took an excellent care of us and always made sure everyone was fine and that no one got lost. He kept counting us to make sure everyone was there so that no one gets left behind or goes the wrong way. Also, on the last day when it was raining really bad he changed the schedule around a bit so that we all still had a great time and got to see the sights but at the same time were safe and didn't take any unnecessary risks due to the rain and possible thunderstorm so that no one would get injured. I really appreciated that. It was nice to know you were in good hands and could trust your guide. Severio also told us a lot about the history and other interesting information and also always kept the group spirit high. It was great to have a real Italian as our guide to show us the "Italian way" and allow us to really get a glimpse of the Italian culture and to teach us a little bit of Italian and to answer any questions we had about Italian culture and customs!!

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

Definitely make sure to get enough of uphill training before you go because especially the Tre Calli hike includes a LOT of uphill climbing for like 2 hours straight. It's not really an easy hike. Also the way down includes a lot of loose rocks and can get a bit tricky so make sure you have really good shoes and maybe hiking poles if you feel more secure with them. Also for Pompeii, if you're going during the summer, make sure you have LOTS of water with you, as well as a hat and also an umbrella, because it gets REALLY HOT and there is no shade so you will really appreciate the umbrella for the shade! Also I'd really encourage everyone to go with an open mind. Don't be afraid to try new things. Even if you normally wouldn't eat something, at least try everything! You get so much more out of the whole trip and really get to experience the culture! prepared to have a great time!! Remember that the trip is also part of what you make it yourself! Be open to new experiences and a fun time and you'll have the BEST vacation ever!!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would just really really like to thank Severio for taking such a good care of us and showing us the "Italian way"!! Thank you SO MUCH for EVERYTHING!! I really couldn't thank you enough for the EXCELLENT job!! And a HUGE thank you for the whole hotel staff for the AMAZING food and excellent service! (Shout out to Gerardo! Mille grazie!!! Thank you!!) Thank you Antonio for showing us your garden! Thank you to our excellent guides in Pompeii and Vesuvius! And last but not least, thank you to EACH and EVERY ONE of our group for the amazing trip! Thanks to everyone for their kindness, humor and TEAM SPIRIT!! I already miss everyone (Sevi and the hotel staff included!) All of you really made my vacation the best vacation ever!! MILLE GRAZIE!!!! THANK YOU!!