What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

Visits to Pompii and Herculaneum (where were enlightened by different, but equally knowledgeable and amusing local guides) - they are fascinating but poignant places. Vesuvius - an 'angry' and inhospitable place which contrasted starkly with the beautiful scenery we had enjoyed until then.  Views along 'The Walk of the Gods' really were breathtaking  - a manageable trek, but you felt you had achieved something by 'gelato' time down in Positano.  16 people laughing as they were so wet you could wring them out and 16 pairs of walking boots, socks and rucksacks in the bottom of the pizza oven - hilarious! 

What did you think of your group leader?

Eric was great - I believe he was relatively new to this particular tour but he really took the time to find out about the area, and came back the next day with answers to any questions asked that he didn't immediately know the answers to. He understated his immensely impressive background in outdoor pursuits but this was apparent as he demonstrated skills as a competent, considerate and supportive leader. He had discretely assessed each members capabilities and personal challenges and was always there when a bit of encouragement or reassurance was needed. At mealtimes he was a convivial and engaging member of the group and appeared to really enjoy himself ... which is what you want from a leader. 

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

Don't trust the weather forecast - 'slight chance of showers' could mean thunder, lightening, hail and flash flooding!! Ask for rice if your electronic equipment gets waterlogged (it dries them out a treat if you are patient).  Try and do some calf exercises before you go as the steps rendered everyone's muscles sore after over 2,000 down into Amalfi - even hardened walkers. Look up - easy to focus on the path and steps but stopping and looking around is what it's all about.    

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Never been 'solo' before and was very worried. Needn't have been - the group was friendly, with a mutual enjoyment of walking and beautiful surroundings (and good fine and wine). I thought this might have been a lucky break but several group members have been away with Exodux repeatedly and intend going with them again, which is a testament to the company. I would not hesitate to book with Exodus again.