Walking on the Amalfi Coast

What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

I loved going up Vesuvius and inside the crater to see and learn all about the history of the volcano. It was well worth getting a guide to take you inside the crater.

What did you think of your group leader?

Clair was brilliant and set a good pace on the walks and had a good local knowledge and the fact that she could speak Italian was a bonus. She also went the extra mile to help us gain a group discount on the ferry to Capri even though she was not organising the trip on our free day .

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

Be prepared for steps, up and down, and lots of them. If you use walking poles, they would be useful especially on the steps down

Is there anything else you would like to add?

This is not a leisurely walking holiday. I agree the pace might be leisurely, and you don't walk all day as there is free time to explore some of the towns, but the actual walking is moderate because of the acsents and descents.