What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

We loved riding through the fields of corn, through the vineyards with the vines laden with grapes and through the dappled light in the forests. The Danube was always  a source of activity and interest and we crossed it many times on the quaint little wooden ferries . The towns of Grien and Melk were particularly lovely places to stay overnight. There were some interesting side trips offered. Luggage transfers went smoothly. All the hotels were of a good standard and Hotel Nibelungenhof in Traismaure was really excellent with wonderful warm hospitality and superb food.

What did you think of your group leader?

We were on our own

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

If you can google the map on your phone Im sure it would be a big help as the Trip notes let us down on several occasions. Dont worry about the bikes, they are excellent and almost ride themselves. Stefan who set us up with the bikes in Passau was most helpful and accomodating.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We were only given one set of trip notes and one bag and we found this difficult. Please issue these to all riders. We would have preferreed to be accomodated in a smaller town than Linz. It was the small towns that were an important part of our enjoyment of the trip, Grien, Melk and Traismauer were lovely. The trip notes were obscure at times and this combined with our not so hot navigational talents meant we rode many more kms than necessary. For example Linz- Grien We could not find Werksstrasse after the Mittenkirk Bridge.Pg 21 of trip notes. says "take care" re the branching road.. It would have been simpler to say follow the Donauradweg signs turning right on the path before the fork in the road. This lead us to do 8 extra km on out longest day. Melk - Krems Traismauer. The trip notes say simply "continue" to Hotle Nibelungenhof. We needed to know which way to continue. We got lost again. Traismauer- Vienna. We had been given train tickets from  Traismauer  to Tulln but when we got to the station at 9.30am we were told there are no trains, we gathered they only depart at peak hour. This was frustratiing as we had anticipated riding 40km, not 80 that day. Arriving in Vienna. This turned into a nightmare and we took 2 hours from the outskirst to our hotel. Pg 34 says "turn right at the JV Schemmeri Bruche" It is very hard to see the name on this brige- and we missed it- however there are 2 huge lions on it. It would have been helpful if we were looking for the lions not an small obscure name. Try and simplify the directions to hotel Donauzentrum. We took nearly 8 hrs to ride that leg and were exhausted at the end. It would be helpful if you gave the full addresses of the hotels, at the end of the day you want all the help you can get to arrive there! We felt that the trip was maybe a lillte pricey when we discovered the accomodation costs.