Snow, Sauna, Cider and Cold Toes! What a Holiday!

What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

Inspirational moments that is a tricky one... Definitely seeing the sun rise (and set just an hour later) that little ball of red on the horizon just adds so much beauty to an already stunning place. Snow-shoeing round the bear trail was an experience but the views of complete wilderness and tranquility you get are something special. Also f your if really lucky and quiet you might just get yourself run over by a reindeer or two. If I name much more I think I will have just mentioned the entire holiday, everything has its special moments from dog-sledding to being the only one on the slope in Ruka. 

What did you think of your group leader?

Eki and his colleagues are great they are helpful, informative and a barrel of laughs. If you get a chance ask them about some Finnish card games, playing 'Pass the Salt' was a well spent evening.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

Mate, it's freezing out there!! Think about the layers you need and then wear some more. I did manage my planning very well and realise halfway to the airport (whilst on a train) that I didn't have a coat. This wasn't a problem once I got to Oulanka basecamp but I definitely felt it standing at the airport waiting to board the plane!!  I think my recommendations for all of the rest of you considering this, aside from to stop umm-ing and aahh-ing and look into your crsytal ball and see that you really must go, is to have a go at the Little Bear Trail or if thats a bit too far for the time you have avaliable head out to Castle rocks! Its just a whole other world out there.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Whilst your there... Man Up and do the Sauna snow roll, its a true Finnish experience. You may not want to repeat it but just give it a shot once. Then go back to drinking Cider in the Sauna and chilling out in the hot tub. Have a go at sleeping in the Quinzee. Well to be honest I more 'lay in a Quineze' than slept but it was an experience and I did get to bail and just jump into my nice cosy and importantly soft bed!  Enjoy the kick sleds that are there, and good luck learning how to steer them! There will always be a point when your feeling smug that you have master the kick sled, and when that happens it will remind you who is in charge by finding a good snow drift to land in!! If your going to be standing outside waiting for a show of any lights you might as well be having fun.