What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

Husky sledding through the snow-clad trees An amazing Northern Lights display before spending the night  in a Quinzee snow shelter while the outside temperature was -20C

What did you think of your group leader?

We had no Exodus leader but the Basecamp staff were very friendly and spoke very good English. Slightly disorganised at times but always helpful with lots of useful and interesting information.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

Although all clothing was provided, we found particularly the base layers weren't always well-fitting so preferred to use our own.  It was too cold not to wear several layers and if the base layer was baggy or a bit short etc, it had a big impact on overall comfort and keeping warm.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

We chose this holiday as we had skiied before and wanted a change but didn't know what activity to choose. Finland appealed as it was a bit off the beaten track, and the Wilderness Week offered lots of different exciting activities. We also really hoped we might see the Northern Lights, which we did! Several activites are included in the trip price but there are a lot of optional extras which we found quite expensive. Instead, we found there were lots of opportunities for self-guided day, half-day or evening trips from base using the provided snow-shoes or cross country skis. The routes were not particularly promoted/explained by the staff, but they can be found on the map boards located by the base and on the lake-shore by the village.  Having cross-country skiied before, we particularly liked the three ski trails that went out from the base, although they are apparently only prepared as ski routes from mid-February onwards. There were two Exodus holiday groups staying at Basecamp at the same time, our Wilderness Week, and also a snowshoe week group, so the group size for meals etc was around 36. Some activity groups overlapped with theirs. The holiday itinerary should be used as a guide only, as some activities such as husky-sledding have a max group-size of 5-7 so some people were allocated different times/days to those stated on the itinerary which in some cases meant people did two activities on the same day, creating an additional "free day" to amuse yourself. The food was lovely, featuring lots of tasty elk and fish, and just what was required after an energetic day in the cold. Lunch was provided at base every day for an additional cost of 11 Euros per person. You could get a packed lunch for the same price, or just take your own lunch snacks with you (there are no shops apart from the base reception which sells various food items). Our best day was the last free day where we did the optional full-day husky expedition, which was brilliant. The weather was beautiful (if it had been snowing hard it might have been less pleasant) and the dogs loved every minute. Lunch by a fire was provided and the food was extremely nice. This day was well worth the extra cost.