What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

Getting all the way up to the top of Ana-Capri and looking over the whole of the Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Napls in all her spectacular glory.

What did you think of your group leader?

One word can only be used to described Christine, and that word is FAB. She was great, even when she was unfortunately unwell during the week she just got on with the task at hand, ans that was making sure we was all enjoying ourselves.

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

Be advised you will climb up and down a lot  of steps, and by a lot I mean A LOT. So if you suffer with any knee complaints, then you may want to reconsider taking this trip. Also the month we went in (June) was very hot, so make sure you take plenty of water

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Be sure to take a boat trip to Capri, it is trully marvelous, and just watch yourself if you have to get on  public bus. The concept of queueing is an anomolly in Italy.