An excellent way to get a taste of Italy

What was the most inspirational moment of your trip?

Lake Como and Assisi were really beautiful countryside locations and Verona and Lucca were lovely picturesque quiet towns. The hotel at Lake Como had stunning views over the lake and a wonderful upper terrace that we sat on and enjoyed a glass of something cool at the end of the day. The highlight at Naples was a fantastic pizza place called L'Antica Pizzeria da Michele - its a very basic place where you will have to queue outside and the seating is on shared long tables, there's a tiny menu (2 pizzas and 3 drinks) and the pace is fast but the pizza was fantastic and it had a great bustling atmosphere! A brilliant experience! Oh and it also turned out that a scene from the film 'Eat Pray Love' was shot there.

What did you think of your group leader?

He gave us some great insider tips of where to go and what to do, he successfully herded us on and off our trains making all of our connections and was generally unflappable! Top marks!

Do you have any advice for potential travellers?

Most of the transfers between cities are via train so pack light and make sure you are able to lift your bags while quickly jumping on and off the trains! The hotel we stayed in outside of the Cinque Terre is only a couple of minutes away from the crystal clear cool sea - ideal at the end of a long day of walking so I highly recommend packing your swim wear (its a pebble beach). I'd recommend doing the wine tasting optional excursion in Assisi as it includes 5 courses of food and the hosts were really excellent, it was a lovely relaxing way to spend an afternoon for even the most unsophisticated palates such as my own! We didn't feel the need to hire any guides in the main cities as the orientation tour from our tour leader was sufficient to point us in the direction of anywhere we wanted to go in our free time. If you want to visit any of the attractions at the Vatican book well in advance (even before you get to Italy)!