Efteling Theme Park

Visit Efteling and discover the enchanting world of wonders and magic. The largest theme park in the Netherlands, Efteling accommodates more than 4 million visitors every year and is twice the size of the original Disneyland park in California. 

Experience the ancient myths, legends and fairy tales of the Netherlands and Europe as they come to life through 35 rides, 6 roller coaster, 4 water rides and numerous shows films and restaurants. 

Take a stroll through the Fairytale forest and meet Long Neck, Fairytale Tree and all the other inhabitants along the way, experience the exciting adventure of Pagode and enjoy the wonderful sights you see from a Gondoletta boat, or test your nerve with a ride on the Baron roller coaster with its 37.5m freefall and speeds of over 55mph. 



Joris en de Draak -  roller coaster

Slay the dragon on this traditional wooden roller coaster ride. Reach drops of 22m and speeds of 47mph as you come face to face with the 12 metre high animatronic dragon - only for the brave. 

De Vliegende Hollander - water coaster

This ghost ship water coaster is for all the dare devils in the family, reaching heights if 22m and speeds of up to 42mph as you discovered the legend of the Flying Dutchman. 


This 3D film is the ultimate immersive experience for all the family. Dice from the Arctic into the depths of the ocean before finding yourself amongst the monkeys in the jungle.

Additional Information
How To Get There

Located just north of Tilburg and south-east of Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Efteling can be easily reached from the UK by car, train or plane.

The nearest airport is Rotterdam The Hague Airport and we are happy to quote for flights and transfers.

Entrance Tickets

Regular ticket price:

Adults: €36

Children (0-3): Free

Disabled: €34


Summer ticket price:

Adults: €38

Children (0-3): Free

Disabled: €36

There are special tickets prices for schools and group booking of 20 persons and more - please contact for more details. 


Park Opening Hours

Efteling is open all seasons

02.02.2017 -31.03.2017: from 11am to 6pm
01.04.2017 - 30.06.2017: from 10am to 6pm


01.07.2017: from 10am to 8pm*

On all Saturdays during this period the park operates longer opening hours between 10am to 12pm*


01.09.2017 – 11.11.2017: from 11am to 6pm*


12.11.2017 – 31..01.2018: from 11am to 6pm *
19.12.2017 - 31.12.2017: from 11am to 8pm*

On all Saturdays & Sundays during this period the park operates longer opening hours between 11am to 7pm

*opening times and hours subject to confirmation

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