Special Interest Holidays

Travel comes in different shapes and sizes, but regardless of how you want to see the world we have a style of tour to suit you. Whether you want to explore at a fast pace or take a leisurely wander, travel on two wheels or two feet, travel on your own or part of a like-minded group; it’s all here for you to choose from.

We have trips for those with intrepid taste buds, tours for those wanting to sea incredible wildlife and holidays for travellers with a keen interest in history and culture. Choose to rough it on a real adventure or add some additional comfort and luxury to your trip. Choose the path less trodden or visit the major sights. Or you can really get under the skin of each destination with our authentic offerings.

If you know what kind of tour you would like, browse your chosen travel style below. But remember, it’s not important how you see the world just that you choose to do so.


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