Thuringia Panorama


Fascinating cities, magnificent castles, legendary fortresses and the famous Thuringian hospitality - this is what makes the region a paradise for visitors.

Set right in the heart of Germany, Thuringia has it all - from beautiful countryside to colourful cities with pasts as exciting as their present. Where else can you find such a wealth of culture in such a small area?

There are mighty fortresses, castles, monasteries and churches in cities full of history such as the state capital Erfurt or Weimar, the city of literary classics and the famous Bauhaus Museum. Eisenach is the home of the Wartburg Castle and Jena, famous for precise optical equipment from Carl Zeiss AG, is known as a city of science.

Numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites are to be found here and many famous people have left their traces in the cultural state of Thuringia. The reformer Martin Luther, the composers Bach, Liszt and Wagner, and Germany's most important poets Goethe and Schiller have all passed through at some point.

Thuringia's wonderful countryside is also a paradise for walking and cycling and the state's renowned hospitality guarantees an unforgettable stay.

Additional Information

Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

UNESCO World Heritage Site Wartburg Castle near Eisenach

Rennsteig Hiking Trail in the Thuringian Forest


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