Saxony Panorama


The region of Saxony charms with its artistic treasures, gothic cathedrals, imposing castles, impressive monuments and fascinating landscape gardens.

It offers a wide diversity of culture, landscapes and architecture. The state capital Dresden, as well as the cities of Leipzig and Chemnitz, contrast beautifully with the region's breathtaking landscape of mountain ranges, lakes and great rivers.

Saxony's Elbe sandstone mountains, with their impressive cliff formations and romantic ravines, provide an ideal region for you to explore. The Erzgebirge Mountains in the south of the state are the highest mountain range in Eastern Germany and both areas are perfect locations for hiking or renting a bike to fully enjoy and take in the beauty of the landscape. Alternatively, take a boat down the River Elbe from Dresden and let the glorious mountain scenery pass by.

Dresden is the region's capital city and was largely devastated by allied forces in WWII. However, a large number of its baroque buildings have been restored and Dresden has become a dynamic and lively city.

The vibrant city of Leipzig is another must on a journey through Saxony. Home of Bach, Wagner and Mendelssohn, the town offers some of Germany's finest music and opera as well as a flourishing literary and art scene. Meissen, famous for its porcelain works, is a beautifully preserved old town. Visit the porcelain factory and see the most beautiful collections on display.

Additional Information

Dresden Highlights

To make the most of your Dresden city break, it is best to explore the city on foot, allowing you to take in the heritage and prowess of the elegant surroundings. The Dresden Neumarkt is culturally important to the locals as the area was obliterated by allied bombing during the Second World War. After being restored to its former glory by the German reunification, the area has become a hive of activity attracting large crowds of tourists each year. It is lined with cafes and shops which are likely to be the perfect place to watch the world go by on your Dresden city break. Here you can relax and sample the selection of pastries and bread on offer whilst sipping a hot cup of tea.


Leipzig Highlights

Leipzig Zoo is within easy reach of the city centre and is one of the best zoos in Europe. Gondwanaland allows you to see 90 exotic animal species and around 500 different plant and animal species. See the Old City Hall, an outstanding example of German Renaissance architecture. A great number of valuable relics from Leipzig's musical past can be found in the Old City Hall. Visit this former cotton mill in the up-and-coming Plagwitz district, home to numerous galleries and ateliers, dedicated to the art movement 'New Leipzig School'.

Where to stay

Dresden Maritim Hotel

This stylishly appointed hotel is located at the sight of a restored former Erlweinspeicher warehouse, not far from the Old Town. Each room is fitted with a luxurious bathroom, large flat screen TV, and offers free Wi-Fi facilities.


Leipzig Marriott Hotel

The Leipzig Marriott Hotel is located in the city center, within walking distance of St. Nicholas Church and the Congress Center Leipzig.

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