Moselle Panorama


Explore the famous Moselle wine region and visit some of the many vineyards on the steep banks of this famous river. There are also many fantastic towns and cities throughout the region which offer history and culture in abundance.

Trier is famous for the 'Porta Nigra' and the numerous Roman ruins, of which many are still in good condition and offer an idea of the lifestyle of the time. Trier also offers a series of wine tours and is the ideal place to start your tour of German wines.

Bernkastel is at the heart of the Moselle and home to the famous 'Bernkasteler Doctor'. The region is known for its celebrated vineyards producing mainly Riesling wines and a visit to the wine museum in Kues is a must for both beginners and experts alike. Bernkastel's main centre is a maze of hilly, narrow streets.

Cochem is a town of legend and folklore and is the centre of the Moselle wine trade. Steeped in history and with a number of half-timbered houses dominated by the castle (Schloss Reichsburg), its many family run vineyards offer a special charm to the town.

Koblenz is dominated by the fortress of Ehrenbreitstein which looks over a town that acts as the meeting point of the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Worth taking a look at are the many taverns in the old town offering local wines and delicacies. Don't miss the famous Clock Tower building in the Florinsmarkt with its unusual way of announcing the time on the half-hour and full hour.

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Where to stay

Mercure Hotel Trier Porta Nigra 4*

The Mercure Hotel Trier Porta Nigra is located in the old town.



The GHOTEL 3* hotel and living Koblenz is ideally located near to the railway station and centre of town.


Hotel Alte Thorschenke 3*

The Hotel Alte Thorschenke 3* dates from 1332 and is a comfortable hotel in the middle of the old town.


Koblenz Highlights

Basilica of St. Kastor -This building dates from the end of the 12th century and is the church where the sons of Ludwig the Pious negotiated the division of the Franconian Empire in 842, which led to the Treaty of Verdun in 843. The Ehrenbreitstein Fortress overlooks the Rhine as it stands 118 metres high. It is located opposite the River Rhine and was built around the year 1000.


Cochem Highlights

The steep, up-hill walk to see Cochem Castle is well worth the effort. It was built around the year 1000, destroyed in 1689 and rebuilt between 1874 and 1877. From the top of Pinnerkreuz Mountian, you may enjoy the very best view of the castle, the Mosel-valley and its surroundings. You can take several hiking paths or spend some time in the restaurant with a perfect view of the castle. The chairlift is operated between Easter and mid-November.

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