Bamberg Franconia


Blessed with a rich cultural heritage and full of natural beauty, this lush vine-covered region with its many stunning castles is one of the most romantic regions in Germany. Franconia occupies the northern part of Bavaria, and its lovely rolling hills are home to a beautiful wine region. Situated in the north-west of the country, the area produces some exceptional wines, served in a distinct flattened teardrop-shaped bottle - the 'Bocksbeutel'.

Southern Franconia's beautiful countryside is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, but nature is not the only draw to this part of Germany. the region also offers many historical towns and cities and their Christmas markets attract thousands of visitors every year. Würzburg, also the gateway to the Romantic Road, is a charming city renowned for its delicate wines, Bamberg is widely acknowledged as one of Germany's most beautiful cities and Rothenburg is a medieval gem.

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Bamberg Highlights

Offering breathtaking views, the Rose Garden is the perfect place to capture the beauty and romance of this city. The historic smoked beer brewery Schlenkerla brews the famous 'Rauchbier' - tapped directly from a wooden barrel in line with old traditions. You can find it directly beneath the cathedral in Bamberg's Old Town.



Rothenburg Highlights

Half of the town hall is Gothic, begun in 1240, whilst the other half is neoclassical, started in 1572. Below the building is the Historiengewölbe (Historic Vaults), housing a museum that concentrates on the Thirty Years' War. Rothenburg's city walls are more than 2km (1 mi) long and provide an excellent way of circumnavigating the town from above. The walls' wooden walkway is covered by eaves and there are stairs every 200 or 300 yards to provide easy access. There are superb views of the tangle of pointed and tiled red roofs and of the rolling country beyond.



Würzburg Highlights

With so many sights to visit in Würzburg, tourists need to manage their time well so that the city is fully appreciated. Market square is home to the daily hustle and bustle of the market, where every type of product can be purchased, and set on the backdrop of some stunning buildings and architecture. The late Gothic church of St Mary is a beautiful example of such buildings.

Where to stay

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