Venice at Night

Explore Italy

Desirable destinations can be found all over Italy’s ‘boot’, giving you so much choice when it comes to deciding where to go. Do you stay in the north and relax amongst the scenic lakes? Do you head to one of the major cities for a historic city break? Do you follow your stomach and venture into the gourmet surroundings of Tuscany or Puglia? Or do you cross the Tyrrhenian Sea to soak up the sun on the beaches of Sicily and Sardinia? One thing is for sure, this beautiful country is somewhere to which you can return time and time again.

In response to growing interest in holidays to Italy, we are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new digital brochure dedicated to these fantastic destinations. Click here to read the brochure online.

These suggested breaks have been designed to inspire travellers and all of our departures can be moulded to suit you. Our team of European travel specialists will endeavour to create your perfect holiday  experience your way. Contact us today and let us create your perfect Italia getaway.


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