Cologne Carnival
Beer Festivals
Berlin IGA 2017
From April 13th to October 15th, the Berlin district of Marzahn-Hellersdorf will be awash with colour as the Internationaler Gartenbau Ausstellung is held.
Calentita Food Festival - Gibraltar
The annual Calentita Food Festival is hosted each June in Gibraltar and is the culmination of the Spring Festival Programme.
Cannes Film Festival
Whilst it is only the film industry's elite that's invited to this prestigious event, you can still visit Cannes to experience the star-studded atmosphere.
Christmas Markets
Cologne Carnival
During the Rhineland's fifth season, as carnival is known, cities like Cologne are alive with revelry, feasting and spectacularly silly activities.
F1 Grand Prix Holidays
Koningsdag Netherlands
Every year, the 27th of April is an excuse for the Dutch to overfill with national pride and burst with a day of festivities across the country for Kings Day.
La Tomatina
No one is quite sure why La Tomatina started but it was so enjoyable that residents continued the tradition the following year.
Oberammergau Passion Play
In 2020, the Passion Play will be performed for the 42nd time, maintaining the tradition of this unique world famous event.
Regensburg Maidult
The Regensburg Maidult folk festival dates all the way back to the 10th century and welcomes many visitors every year.
Stockholm Pride
Stockholm Pride is the largest LGBT+ event in Scandinavia and has been held once a year since 1998, usually around the end of July.
Tour de France
As one of the most prestigious and gruelling sporting events on the planet, the Tour de France is an exciting spectacle for fans of cycling and sport in general.
Venice Carnival
The annual Carnival of Venice is hosted each February and lasts for two and a half weeks before culminating on Shrove Tuesday.
Vienna Jazz Festival
As a city which showcases the arts more than most, it’s no surprise that Vienna hosts one of the best annual jazz festivals in the world.