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Venice is one of the most unique and beautiful cities in the world. Built on a lagoon with 150 canals flowing throughout the centre, its romantic charm has attracted millions of tourists each year for 600 years. One unique draw to the place is that cars and motor vehicles are banned from the city centre, which makes strolling along the many vibrant waterfront streets a pleasure.

Best Things To Do In Venice

Discover the wonderful Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance architecture and take in the impressive mixture of cultures and traditions. Although Venice is full of popular attractions, museums and impressive buildings, the main attraction is the city itself.

For a more detailed look at the city, check out our definitive guide to a Venice city break.

Did you know?

Gondoliers have to face a strict exam in order to be given their title and Venice didn't see its first female take up the job until 2010.


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Venice City Break

The epitome of a romantic city, Venice is one of the most iconic travel destinations in the world. Many places are likened to this canal-lined paradise, but few can truly compare.

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  • Flight time from London: 2 hours
  • Venice Marco Polo Airport: 24km from the city centre; transfer time about 29 min
  • Nearest railway station: Venezia Santa Lucia railway station
  • Currency: Euro
Places to shop

Just like in almost every Italian city, you will find a wide range of designer shops, fashion brands and clothing labels. The most popular area for this is Piazza San Marco, where numerous big names are on offer. If you are looking for something individual and less famous, head to the Campo Santo Stefano and Calle della Mandola, where you can find some excellent bargains and unique items.

The winding streets boast a perfect blend of middle-market and exclusive stores. Other than that, Venice is well known for local crafts such as the glassware from Murano, the fine lace from Burano, or the paper mache (papier-mâché) carnival masks.

Places to eat

Venice is full of wonderful and exciting places to eat out, with a wide choice of every kind of food imaginable. The many stylish locations and enormous variety of excellent, mouth-watering menus provide nothing short of culinary perfection, often with an emphasis on fish.

Some restaurants may be closed for several weeks in the winter and also for two to three weeks during the summer when staff are on holiday. Therefore, it may be worth checking that the restaurant is open first.

Al Covo is a family-run place that's popular because of its extraordinary welcoming and warm atmosphere. That's without mentioning the splendid menu which includes fresh fish and a mouthwatering selection of great wine.

The impressive wine bar Vino Vino offers guests a grand selection of local and European wines alongside delicious Venetian specialities. Enjoy your meal at one of the many rustic wooden tables, squeezed into two storefront-style rooms. Vino Vino shares its kitchen with the exclusive restaurant Antico Martini, just a few doors down. This explains the quality of the food.

Cantina do Mori offers a delicious combination of fresh food such as thinly sliced meats, tuna, cheeses, vegetables and tapas-like dishes. Although there are no tables, this is a great place to socialise and get to know local Venetians, who stop by with the same intention as the visitors.



Venice is built on 117 small islands Which are connected by 409 bridges. Only three of them cross the Grand Canal That dissects this city. The best known of These, and Venice's most instantly recognisable landmark, is the Rialto Bridge.

The Rialto Bridge is Most Likely the most famous one of the three That cross the Grand Canal in Venice. It was constructed in 1592 and is still the city's most impressive landmark, offering a stunning view over the Grand Canal.


As the original St Mark's Basilica was burnt down in 976, reconstruction work Began in 1063 on the Church of the 12 Apostles in Constantinople. Go and see St Mark's Treasure and take in the magnificent view over the Campo San Marco

The Venetian Gothic building 'Palazzo Ducale' was built in the 9th century and was home to the Duke. It was Venice's political hub for centuries and today it's the city's most popular attraction.


Enjoy the unique ambience whilst riding a gondola down the Grand Canal. It's best to go on a ride just before sunset and admire the fantastic architecture and the impressive parade of Venetian watercraft. Wander along the Guidecca canal while the sun is shining and discover fascinating facts about how a gondola is made at the squero (small ship yard). Continue your stroll along the canal near San Trovaso Church


Bars in Venice Mainly function as cafés, Although they do serve alcohol. Prices on the vary depending on whether you are seated at a table or simply standing at the bar - which can be as much as half the price. This typical food bar includes treats such as sandwiches and paninis.


Venice is blessed with an abundance of great street cafés that sell a wonderful variety of snack food and light lunches. They serve a whole range of Italian specialities including pizza slices, pasta dishes, sandwiches and salads superb often served with Italian cheeses.

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