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Rostock City Breaks

Rostock is located in Northern Germany on the River Warnow and lies on the coast of the Baltic Sea. This university and port town is steeped in a diverse history and culture and its location gives it a maritime atmosphere. Add this to the vibrancy of the university, it makes Rostock a very interesting place to explore.

The classic redbrick buildings and merchant houses are typical of a Hanseatic City and Rostock is a great example. The strong trade alliance enabled by the Hanseatic League allowed Rostock to thrive in industries such as beer and salted fish. The maritime connections are still there for everyone to see today and the area of Warnemünde is a popular seaside destination. The historic city centre contrasts well with the expansive beaches to offer a well-balanced holiday destination.

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Additional Information
Useful Information
  • Flight time from London: 1 hour 30 min
  • Hamburg Airport: 192km from the city centre; transfer time about 2 hours
  • Nearest railway station: Rostock Hauptbahnhof
  • Currency: Euro
Places to shop

This city boasts an impressive shopping culture focussed particularly on the historical town centre where old houses and warehouses have been converted into charming retail stores and boutiques.

Warnow Park is located in Rostock Lütten-Kleinb and is a shopping mall housing a variety of retail outlets, banks, travel agencies and even a nightclub.

Places to eat

Rostock's array of restaurants offers a diverse culinary experience that will satisfy any tourist's stomach. For those who wish to experience authentic Rostock cuisine, Zur Kogge should not go untried. Its cosy interior, with a very interesting décor of coats of armour and sailing ships, is the perfect setting for the fish-centered cuisine. Atlantic is also a fantastic fish restaurant on the western bank of the canal.

International food is also celebrated in the Rostock. Albert & Emile is a French restaurant serving haute cuisine, while Tre Kronor serves interesting Swedish dishes and Green's offers delicious Thai influenced curries.


Neuer Markt

Rostock is a fascinating town, and most of the historic buildings are found on Neuer Platz. The most impressive is certainly the Rathaus whose seven towers and three buildings dominate the skyline of the city.

Krupeliner Tor

The Krupeliner Tor houses a small museum which informs on the culture and history of Rostock as well as being beautiful to look at. St Marien Kirche is regarded as one of the most stunning churches of the Baltic world and therefore is well worth a visit. Inside this building, an astronomical clock built in the 15th century and an organ from 1770 can be found.

Kloster St Katharinen

Kloster St Katharinen is an old Franciscan monastery from the 13th century but today it is host to the Academy of Music and Theatre. Another building which has been reconstructed is the church Nikolaikirche from the 13thcentury, now a concert hall.


Rostock has an exuberant nightlife and club scene due to the university and student population and the city is well-known for student-run nightclubs and bars. Café Central, one of the main meeting places and hot-spots for students, is at the heart of this scene and has a relaxing atmosphere. Studentenkeller is also a popular establishment located in a cellar and it also has a garden. The Rostock University of Music and Theatre organises great performances and concerts with young players and musicians.

Krahnstöver Likörfabrik is Rostock's oldest family-run wine merchant and is a combination of bistro, bar and café. Beautifully set next to a stream, the restaurant is a delightful place to spend an evening. Schuster's is a great bar and has the best view of the sunset in the city. It also has a summer pavilion on the beach.

Mau Club Rostock offers more alternative and varied music like indie, punk and disco.

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