Paderborn Cathedral

Paderborn City Breaks

Paderborn city breaks are popular with both the young and old. The location is situated in the heart of Germany within the mountainous regions of the Northern Lowlands. With over 1,200 years of history, the many wide open spaces and green areas are packed with summer visitors enjoying games and activities in the sunshine. The modern buildings and expansive shopping malls are a far cry from the traditional culture of the other Westphalia cities. This modern destination still retains its heritage in the old buildings and squares.

A must do for those taking a Paderborn city break is visit the unique area of Paderquellgebiet, where more than 200 springs source the Pader river. It is both a beautiful and calming experience that attracts locals and tourists who enjoy picnics and strolls along the river's edge.

Both Paderborn and Dortmund City Breaks are renowned for their green spaces and stunning scenery and traditional idyllic buildings. The stunning cathedral in the city centre contains the 'Drei-Hasen-Fenster', a window of three hares, in the gothic cloisters of the cathedral. The mystery and ambiguous symbolism which surround this window make it one of the most interesting, and therefore most visited, attractions of Paderborn.

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Additional Information
Useful Information
  • Flight time from London: 1 hour 20 min
  • Dortmund Airport: 103km from the city centre; transfer time about 1 hour 4 min
  • Nearest railway station: Paderborn Hauptbahnhof
  • Currency: Euro


The enormous 140m long, three nave, Gothic church is the perfect place to start your exploration of Paderborn. Here you can marvel at the delicate carved figures and pompous memorial to 17th century bishop, Dietrich von Fürstenberg.

Erzbischöfliches Diözesanmuseum

Situated just outside the Dom, this attractive modernist structure actually houses many relics of the church, including the famous 1627 Liborius shrine and a beautiful 11th century Imad Madonna sculpture. 

Schloss Neuhaus

Situated in beautiful gardens, this moated palace is reached by a lovely riverside walk and is an exquisite example of the Weser-Renaissance.


Marienplatz, is a must see for visitors to Paderborn, being home to the Rathaus, delicate St Mary's Column and the austere, Romanesque  Abdinghofkirche. 

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