Minsk Panorama

Minsk City Breaks

The majority of Minsk's downtown area was rebuilt following the destruction of the Second World War, but now the Belarusian capital is on the rise as a tourist destination. There is so much historical heritage here and it is interesting to see how all of the different buildings, created over a long period of time, are still married together with the same architectural ideas.

Along with the spectacular Pischalauski Castle and Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary, there is Gorky Park to explore, which includes a small amusement park and a planetarium, as well as a zoo which will serve as a great day out for animal lovers or families travelling with children. Belarus may not immediately come to mind when thinking of countries to visit, but with so much to offer, Minsk city breaks are a great way to learn more about this intriguing place.

Additional Information
Useful Information
  • Flight time from London: 2 hour 55 min
  • Minsk National Airport: 42km from the city centre; transfer time about 40 min
  • Nearest railway station: Minsk Railway station
  • Currency: Belarusian ruble
Places to shop


Check out the three-floor shopping store with many departments which offer both local and foreign brands.

Torgoviy Dom na Nemige

For a more modern shopping style, check out Torgoviy Dom na Nemige located at Nemiga Str. 8.

Torgovy Tsentr Zerkalo and Torgovy Tsentr Impuls

These are the biggest and most popular shopping malls within a 5-10 minute walk from Yakuba Kolasa metro station.

Komarovsky Market

Visit Komarovsky Market to experience a Belarusian environment where everybody is hunting for bargains. You can find local specialities, fruits, vegetables, sweets, and lots more. It's just a 5-10 minutes walk from Yakuba Kolasa metro station.

Places to eat

Belorussian cuisine is similar to that of the rest of Eastern Europe, particularly Russia and Ukraine. Generally, it features potato dishes, mushrooms, soups and baked meat.


A cosy and stylish restaurant in the centre of Minsk attracts guests with its tasty dishes of Slavonic and Belarusian cuisine.


Gourman is close to Grand Opera Theatre and serves Belarusian and European cuisine. Styled as an Italian trattoria, it offers excellent quality and affordable prices.


Aleksandrovsky Square

A small public garden in the heart of Minsk which has a rich history.

The churches of Minsk

Belarus found itself on the boundary of the influence of two Christian churches - Catholic and Orthodox. Visit the churches and experience the history during Soviet times (St Mary Magdeline Church & Saint Peter & Saint Paul Church).


Safe streets and a mixture between friendliness and quirkiness make Minsk's nightlife unique. Try one of the typical drinks like "Kefir", which is a sort of sour milk, similar to yoghurt or "Krambambulya". It's a traditional medieval alcohol drink and you can buy it in most stores or in restaurants.

Insider tip: Plan your night before you head off and chose a specific region. It's not easy to bounce from one bar to another one in the same area.

If you're looking for a cultural evening, visit the Belarusian Opera and Ballet theatre which house the National Academic Opera and the National Academic Ballet.

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