Luxembourg City Panorama

Luxembourg City Breaks

Luxembourg is a constitutional monarchy that neighbours France, Belgium and Germany. The capital, Luxembourg City offers the opportunity to experience a unique cultural mix, influenced over the years by many foreign bodies. This beautiful David amongst Goliaths is steeped in tradition and provides visitors with a fairytale experience full of adventure and mystery. At less than 1,000 square miles, this tiny city is perfect for those looking to explore the variety of cafes and restaurants lining the streets and quaint city squares. Our city breaks are one of the best ways to make the most out of this unique location.

The area has prospered from a gothic town to the thriving metropolis it is today. With a turbulent history which is captured by the remains of the historic fortress, a Luxembourg city break takes in the historic and modern parts which are linked by over one hundred bridges, spanning its green river valleys.

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Useful Informartion
  • Flight time from London: 1 hour 25 min
  • Luxembourg Findel Airport: 11km from the city centre; transfer time about 23 min
  • Nearest railway station: Luxembourg railway station
  • Currency: Euro
Places to shop

The area around the train station is where the main shopping can be found, as well as in the Grand Rue and its surrounding side streets. By travelling a short distance out of Luxembourg City you can find yourself at the Auchan shopping centre, The Belle Etoile Shopping centre and the City Concorde Shopping centre.

If you prefer unique shopping lanes, stroll along Grand Rue and Rue de La Poste in the Old City. There you can find everything you need if you are looking for European fashion and art galleries. For souvenir shopping head to the streets surrounding place d'Armes.

Places to eat

Art Café - 1a Rue Beaumont Old Town

The Art Cafe belongs to the new wave of lounge bar-cafes which offer you a great menu like sandwiches, salads and wok dishes. In the summer, you can enjoy the enclosed terrace.

Mesa Verde - 11 Rue du St-Esprit Old Town

This exciting restaurant offers mainly vegetarian and seafood dishes. It's so famous for its fantastic food that it's often full.

Breedewee - 9 Rue Large Old Town

Breedewee serves fantastic French food in an elegant environment. Reservations are essential.

Mosconi - 13 Rue Münster Grund

Double starred by Michelin, this Italian restaurant promises you a great night. The best things about Mosconi are the home-made ravioli and the riverside terrace where you can dine in fine weather. Reservations essential.


Luxembourg became the Gibraltar of the North because of the battlement gates and sandstone rocks. Goethe said while he stayed in the city for a short time in 1792: "He who has not seen Luxembourg simply cannot picture these war structures, juxtaposed and superimposed as they are (...)."

Luxembourg City History Museum

Find out more about history by visiting this modern complex with a glass elevator. The museum offers a free English guide at the reception.

Place d'Armes

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in one of the street cafes around Place d'Armes. It's a place where young and old come together.

Palais Grand-Ducal

The Palais Grand-Ducal is one of the most important sights in Luxembourg. The Palais was built in the 1570s and was expanded later on. If you want to see the inside, book tickets at the Luxembourg City Tourist Office.

Cathedral of Our Lady

A must see in Luxembourg City. The Cathedral of Our Lady is the country's most treasured idol.


Café des Artistes - 22 Montée du Grund Old Town: Enjoy evenings and afternoons in the romantic Cafe which was established in 1968. The old decoration makes it a unique place. Wednesday to Saturday you can enjoy live piano music.

d:qliq - 17 Rue du St-Esprit Old Town: This trendy bar is one of the best live music bars in the Old Town. It has three floors and offers different venues.

Grand Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg - 1 Blvd R Schuman Limpertsburg: This theatre has an impressive line-up of international dance, opera and theatre.

L'Interview - 19 Rue Aldringen Old Town: Fancy a drink in a cosy cafe? Come and try L'Interview next to Place Hamilius. Grab a seat next to its big windows which are opened in the summer and watch the world go by.

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