Leuven Travel Guide


The ancient capital of Leuven is not only Flander's oldest university town, but is also an important brewing town, Full of characterful pubs and restaurants that are perfect for beer lovers. 

The term comes to life during term-time as the 25,000 students give the city an upbeat and creative atmosphere. The picturesque town centre is full of historic sights and museums, making it ideal for a weekend city-break. The abundance of characterful pubs, and dining venues however, could keep you here for much, much longer. 

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Additional Information
Useful Information
  • Flight time from London: 1hr 15min
  • Brussels Airport: 27km from the city centre; transfer time about 30min
  • Nearest railway station: Leuven railway station
  • Currency: Euro

Stella Artois Brewery

No visit to Leuven would be complete without a trip to the pride of Belgium: the Stella Artois Brewery. During a guided tour, you can become familiar with the aspects of the historic brewing process, the seven centuries of company history and witness the bottling and canning lines. 

Leuven's Gothic Town Hall

Known as one of the best Gothic town halls worldwide, and the pride of the town, Leuven's town hall was first built it the 15th century, with several additions during 1850. The hall's facade feature's a Leuven 'Hall of Fame', consisting of 236 statues of patron saints, famous scientists, aristocracy and biblical figures.  

University Colleges

The presence of a University in the city of Leuven has given many beautiful college buildings to the landscape.


Places to eat

De Wiering

This cosy and rustic restaurant not only serves and incredible array of steaks and grills, but also offers an impressive 97 varieties of beer. 


't Zwart Schaap

Situated in the heart of the historic town, 't Zwart Schaap offers classic French and Belgian cuisine in a unique setting. 


't Fonduehuisje

't Fonduehuisje is typical Swiss restaurant with a modern and trendy atmosphere to its heated and covered garden terrace. Enjoy special Swiss Fondue specialties, including the intriguing fish with chocolate!


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