Bratislava City Breaks

Our Bratislava city breaks are perfect for those looking to take in the sights and culture surrounding the city, attracting many visitors from across the border on Budapest City Breaks. As Slovakia's Capital, Bratislava boasts a long history with many monumental buildings and impressive sights. The castle shadows the town, bringing with it some interesting museums, such as the Museum of Jewish Culture and the Municipal Museum. To the south of the castle hill are the remains of an ancient tower which protected the Danube ford. Other sights close to the castle include the Baroque Church of the Order of the Holy Trinity and the Renaissance Bramer Manor House, where the Archaeological Museum is housed.

Bratislava knows how to party, and is a popular destination for those looking for lively entertainment in the evening. The night normally begins with a few drinks in the quintessential pubs and cafes on offer before heading out to the nightclubs to dance the night away.

For those less inclined to hit the clubs, a Bratislava city break is not complete without a night at one of the many theatres. With a selection of live music events and entertainment opportunities available all year round, there is something for everyone. Bratislava is a popular destination for tourists during the winter months with many visitors opting to visit the local Christmas markets as well as the Linz Christmas Market across the Austrian border.

Additional Information
Useful Information
  • Flight time from London: 2 hour 10 min
  • Bratislava Airport: 10km from the city centre; transfer time about 25 min
  • Nearest railway station: Bratislava hlavná stanica
  • Currency: Euro

St Martin's Cathedral and its surroundings, particularly the adjacent seminary on Kapitulska Street, give an almost intact physical overview of the environs of a major coronation cathedral.

Bratislava Castle
, apart from offering a look at historical architecture and artefacts, gives you a wonderful view of the city and is especially pretty in the evening. The castle has recently been renovated to great effect.

There are currently four shopping centres in Bratislava. Each has a cinema, numerous cafes and restaurants (some of which are exceptionally good), a food court, a grocery supermarket and approximately 50 to 100 shops, most of which specialise in clothing. In addition, each of the four offers certain special features:

 (close to sports stadiums) - cinemas, special events; easily accessible by public transportation.

 (across the Danube from Old Town) - cinemas, bowling, indoor water play area, spa, special children's attractions in summer; relatively easy access by city bus.

Avion (close to Bratislava Airport, on the edge of town) - IMAX cinema, ice skating rink, special indoor children's attractions; very easy parking.

Soravia Palace
 - (close to Zlate Piesky beach, on the edge of town) - newest mall, with especially active special events; easy parking and moderately easy access by public transportation.

Places to shop

The beautiful streets of historical Old Town Bratislava are lined mostly with shops offering the finest luxury merchandise and priced accordingly. An adjacent section of central Bratislava, focused around Obchodna Ulica, offers a very different mix of shops, mostly inexpensive.

Places to eat

Slovenská ReÅ¡taurácia

This restaurant serves Slovak traditional cuisine, raised to gourmet standards. It offers a 'stroll through Slovak gastronomy' - a five-course meal of traditional Slovak favourites such as smoked trout, garlic soup and goose liver with apples.

PraÅ¡ná BaÅ¡ta

Enjoy traditional Slovak cuisine in this cosy 16th-century underground bastion, once part of the city fortifications. There is a garden at the back and occasional live music.

The Slovak Pub

This amazing 11-room pub just outside the Old Town may resemble a Slovak theme park but everything is real. Here you'll find the best value drinks, food and a much more authentic local atmosphere than anywhere in the Old Town.

Paparazzi Cocktail Bar and Restaurant

One of the city's most popular upmarket places is set in a smartly modernised 19th-century building and famed for its superb northern Italian fare, including charcoal-grilled steaks - don't miss the spinach with ricotta.

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