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Due to its hot springs, the German town of Aachen was a favourite place for Charlemagne, (King of the Franks from 768 and Emperor of the Romans from 800 - 814) who also built a palace here. The town was the seat of emperors and kings and the scene of many coronations during the Middle Ages. Aachen Cathedral embodied the dreams of Charlemagne for a new Empire and a shrine dedicated to him can be seen in the church.

The town also comes alive during the festive period, with the Aachen Christmas Market said to be one of the most traditional yuletide events in Germany.

Every year, the town awards a "Medal for Combating Deadly Seriousness" to politicians, diplomats and lawyers across Europe who have shown a sense of humour.

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Additional Information
Useful Information
  • Flight time from London: 1hr 35min
  • Maastricht Aachen Airport: 28km from the city centre; transfer time about 30min
  • Nearest railway station: Hauptbahnhof
  • Currency: Euro

Aachen Cathedral

The Aachen Cathedral is next to the Town Hall and casts an imposing presence over the Old Quarter. Thirty German kings were crowned in this historic building between 936 and 1531. The cathedral also has a treasury.

Aachen's Gothic Town Hall

Aachen's Gothic Town Hall was built with a coronation hall in the 14th century. The walls are decorated with five Charlemagne frescoes by Alfred Rethel.


Hotel Recommendations

The Mercure am Dom 3*

Situated close to the centre of the city and the cathedral. 

Places to eat

La Masseria

This comfortably furnished restaurant is held in dark woods and offers a great location to relax and enjoy.



Paella is a Spanish restaurant and is legendary for its selection of cocktails. It is busy, especially in the evenings, and visitors can move to open-air seats on the small cobblestone street in front of the restaurant.


River Kwai

The River Kwai is an Asian restaurant with a warm interior. The well-spiced food is well worth the price and is highly enjoyable.

Besides lots of cafés and bars around the market square, Aachen offers many great nightclubs as well. The Rotation in the Pontstrasse keeps the dance music cranking until 6am and live music is offered in the Wild Rover, which is mostly a rock club. The bands range from mainstream to punk and it's open from 8pm to 1am.

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