Hamburg Winter Beer Festival

9th November 2018 - 9th December 2018

The Hamburg Winter Beer Festival offers visitors the chance to attend one of the largest fun fairs in Germany. The event comes alive during the colder months and consists of live festive music, thrilling rides at the funfair and attractions for all the family.

The DOM is a part of Hamburg's tradition and dates back to the 14th-century when St Mary's Cathedral (St Marien Dom) offered traders and craftsmen refuge during bad weather. The DOM guarantees adventure, fun, excitement and nostalgia.

Since the days of cowering in the cathedral when the skies opened, the festival has grown and grown from an event with a market-like atmosphere to one during which many Germans and tourists regularly indulge in a heady mix of fairground rides, locally made goods, traditional foods and lots and lots of beer.

Three times a year, the area transforms into an entertainment area suitable for both young and old. Enjoy roasted almonds, candied fruits, bratwursts and potato pancakes while strolling through the market. During this winter version of the festival, the stalls take on a festive feel and revellers are treated to a Christmas extravaganza that can't fail to make you feel warm and joyful inside. The fair area is next to the famous 'Reeperbahn' - Hamburg's 'sinful mile' - on which partygoers can extend their night into the early hours of the morning.

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