Hamburg Summer Beer Festival

27th July 2018 - 26th August 2018

The origin of the DOM dates back as far as the 1300s when there used to be regular markets held by merchants, jugglers and craftsmen etc. outside of the old cathedral, or Dom. The story says that the name was given to this market after it became a habit of theirs to head inside the cathedral when the weather took a turn for the worse.

Initially, the Archbishop took umbrage with this but, after heavy protest from the people in his congregation, they were eventually granted permission to continue this act of evading the weather. As the years went by, the old cathedral grew tired and was eventually torn down, but the market-like celebrations have continued ever since.

Now held on Heiligengeistfeld, the thrice-yearly festival has grown from being a place where merchants and craftsmen could come to sell their wares to a full-on fairground which regularly includes exciting roller coasters, numerous beer tents and fun at every turn. The area of around 3kms is filled with thousands of revellers looking for a good time. You'll find plenty of local food stalls and chances to taste the town's brew, whilst the never-ending lights and music of Hamburg's 'Reeperbahn', or sinful mile, are on hand to aid you in continuing your celebrations well into the night.

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For a festival that rivals Munich's Oktoberfest, there is no alternative to the Hamburger Dom.

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