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  • The Pearl of the Rhine

    The Pearl of the Rhine

Destinations » Germany » Boppard Travel Guide


Boppard in Germany, on the banks of the Rhine, is nestled amongst the picturesque hills of the Loreley Valley in the heart of the Rhineland. The romantic Old Town offers cultural and architectural delights from across the ages. As a noted wine centre, it is bursting with wine taverns offering fine selections of Rhine wines.

Boppard is full of stunning vistas of the surrounding scenery, not least the spectacular 'Four Lakes View', which can be enjoyed by taking the chairlift up to the Rhine Plateau. The remains of a Roman Fort surrounding the town centre is one of the best examples in Germany.

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Boppard has a variety of culinary delights on offer for its guests and good food is, of course, an important part of your holiday. You will be spoiled for choice and there is something for every taste and every wallet. Boppard has everything: hearty regional food or tasty international dishes. And to compliment these dishes, you can enjoy a delicious Boppard wine. The wine taverns in Boppard also offer a very familiar way to enjoy food, wine and to get to know the locals. There is lots to choose from... make your choice!

The Roman Fort

Wherever you go in Boppard, you will be reminded of its Roman history. The remains of the Roman Fort surround the town centre and are the best example of a Roman fort in Germany. You will find the Roman Fort in the Angertstrasse / on corner of Kirchgasse in the town centre of Boppard. The ruins are open-air and you can visits at all times free of charge.

The Electoral Castle

The Rhine valley around Boppard could be called the Valley of the Kings because, on no other river, will you find so many castles, stately homes and forts concentrated in such a small area. Most of the Rhine castles stand on the hills but Boppard's castle stands right in the town centre, directly on the Rhine.

Boat Trips

To experience the Rhine valley from the river is the highlight of every holiday on the Rhine

The Chairlift to Gedeon's Corner

One of the highlights of your holiday in Boppard is a trip on the chairlift from the valley station in Mühltal to Gedeonseck. From here you have a fantastic view onto the largest bend on the Rhine. Just a few minutes walk from Gedeon's Corner you will find the Four Lakes View which shows you the Rhine like a chain of sparkling lakes. The chairlift takes you up to a height of nearly 240 metres. The trip takes 20 minutes one way.

Round Trip With The Rhine Express

This holiday train (56 seats) takes you round Boppard in about 30 minutes. The trip round the picturesque town starts off at the Romanesque-Gothic St. Severus Church.

Hunsrück Mountain Railway

2 viaducts, 5 tunnels and a wonderful view - the rail journey Boppard-Buchholz-Emmelshausen taking you through Boppard's forests is one of the most delightful mountain railway routes in Germany.