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Destinations » Croatia » Split Travel Guide

Split is the second largest city in Croatia, with just over 200,000 inhabitants, and is the largest city on the Adriatic coast. Coupled with its strong history - it emerged from a palace built by Roman emperor Diocletian, and was also an important city within Yugoslavia - this lively city is definitely worth a visit.

Many of Split's historical and cultural buildings can be found within the walls of Diocletian's Palace. In addition, numerous museums, the National Theatre, and old churches and other archeological sites in the Split region make it an important cultural attraction.


Our favourite hotels in Split are listed in the tabs below. However, we can also offer hotels in Dubrovnik and Zagreb if you are looking to stay elsewhere in Croatia.


To bag a bargain or simply appreciate the colour of local life in Split, head to Pazar, the charming open-air market, or Peskarija, the covered fish market, both just on the fringes of Diocletian's Palace.

Key Areas

Diocletian's Palace and the surrounding area is Split's shopping heartland. Podrum (the underground chambers between the Riva and Peristil), which is lined with stalls selling paintings and craftwork, is a good bet for souvenirs. Enoteka Terra, Prilaz brace Kaliterna 6, is ideal for quality Croatian wines and spirits. Aromatica, Dobrić 12, stocks herb-scented soaps, body creams and massage oils.

Opening Times

Shops in Split are generally open Monday to Friday 0900-1300 and 1700-2000, Saturday 0900-1300, and sometimes on Sundays.

Bekan - Ivana Zajca 1 Firule

Bekan serves an array of fish prepared Dalmatian style. It's not cheap (unless you order the spaghetti with seafood for around HRK52), but you can sample a savoury shrimp buzara (a sauce of tomatoes, white wine, onions and breadcrumbs) on an airy terrace overlooking the sea.

Nostromo - Kraj Sv Marije 10 Town Centre

Marine creatures of all persuasions form a delightful menu in this sweetly decorated spot next to the fish market.

Galija - Tončićeva 12 Town Centre

Serving the best pizza in town, this perennial favourite still gathers a lively young crowd.

Arheološki Muzej

Although it's north of the town centre, the Archaeological Museum is worth the walk. The emphasis is on the Roman and early Christian period, with exhibits devoted to burial sculpture and excavations at Salona. The quality of the sculpture is high, and there are interesting reliefs based on Illyrian mythical figures.

Cathedral of St Domnius

This cathedral was originally built as Diocletian's mausoleum. The original octagonal form of the mausoleum, encircled by 24 columns, has been almost completely preserved. The domed interior is round with two rows of Corinthian columns and a frieze showing Emperor Diocletian and his wife, Prisca.

Diocletian's Palace

Facing onto the harbour, Diocletian's Palace is one of the most imposing Roman ruins in existence. Although the original structure was modified in the Middle Ages, the alterations have only served to increase the allure of this fascinating site. Far from being a museum, the 220 buildings within the palace boundaries are home to about 3000 people.

Golden Gate

The Golden Gate was once the starting point for the road to Solin. From the fragments that remain, it's possible to visualise the statues, columns and arches that once decorated the gate.

Cathedral Treasury

The cathedral treasury is rich in reliquaries, icons, church robes, illuminated manuscripts and documents in Glagolitic script.


Everything you could wish for to while away your summer nights, can be found in Split. Split locals party with Mediterranean abandon and then relax during the day on the beach. The two main hotspots are Diocletian's Palace and the Bacvice complex a couple of kilometres east of town.

Within the Diocletian palace walls are new bars, cafes and hangouts which are constantly slipping in and out of fashion while the Bacvice complex houses a multitude of restaurants, clubs, and bars and overlooks Bacvice beach.

Diocletian's Palace Area:

Cafe Song & Cafe Shook:   Popular with the young people, these cafe-pubs sit next door to each other onMihovilova Sirina.

Po Bota:   On Subiceva, this is a mellow hangout for sipping coffee or sampling a beer or two.

Gaetto Club:  On Dosud, this club is arty and comfortable, and relaxing at any time of the day.

Other Areas:

Kino Bacvice:   The after-dark entertainment zone of Bačvice is a perfect venue for the open-air cinema that runs nightly in summer.

Tribu:   When party-playpal Tara Reid taped an episode of her show at this ultrahip Split club, it became an obligatory stop on the international nightclub circuit. Dance until you drop!