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  • Experience a nostalgic stream train tour with the RugralBahn

    Experience a nostalgic stream train tour with the RugralBahn

City Breaks » Dortmund City Breaks

Dortmund city breaks are not complete without a visit to the shops and beer houses which reside in the centre of the city on the Hellweg, representing a traditional part of the culture of this city and region. Renowned for its green spaces and stunning scenery, Dortmund's many parks and woodlands such as the Westfalenpark and the Rombergpark, are a perfect backdrop for the medieval churches which line the streets of the city, the most famous of which are Reinoldikirche and the Marienkirche. From the summit of the Hohensyburg Castle, the Ruhr and Lennetal Valleys can be fully appreciated with panoramic views of the area.

The city's many museums and attractions draw in thousands of visitors each year. The Ostwall Art museum, the Natural History Museum and the Museum of Art and Cultural History all provide visitors with a thorough cultural experience of the city. The surrounding valleys and forests are popular with hikers and can be explored from Dortmund and Cologne, where we have many accommodation opportunities for those taking Cologne City Breaks.

Similar in size to the Berlin Christmas Market, the Dortmund Christmas Market is packed with over 300 festive stalls, surrounding a large Christmas tree sculptural centrepiece, reputed to be the biggest in the world and made of over 1,500 fir trees.

If your Dortmund city break involves plenty of shopping, you will fall in love with the various stalls and shops selling handmade seasonal gifts, toys and Christmas decorations. Although if you are just looking to take in the festivities, there are many outdoor bars selling warm glasses of mulled wine with live music events attracting those who choose to dance the night away.

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here you can find internationally-known department stores like C&A and Karstadt.


This street houses some of the most popular boutiques and fashion shops of Dortmund. Have also a coffee in one of the numerous cafes after or during you shopping trip.

Propstei Arcaden

This shoppind center is just located south of the Westenhellweg and not far from the Opera House.


Dortmund was the hotspot for beer-brewing in Germany for forty years. Today, it still has some of the country's best bars and nightclubs.

Wenkers am Markt (Betenstraße 1): This bar is a former brewery that started in 1340.

zuHouse.Club (Martinstraße): The zuHouse.Club is a Dortmund night club hosting international clubbing community.  There is a great mixture of music, such as house music and other popular dance music of the present.

Blauer Raum (Martinstraße): The Blauer Raum means "Blue Room" means blue room in english but is painted pink.

This nightclub is more an art-museum-and-dance-club, as the walls are decorated with large paintings from Old Master artists.